Well i think the last time i made this it was more of a troll so this one will be more serious.......


Burgs~ terom, cause well yea its terom
captain~ Farriel, dont really need to explain that, impossible to kill along with who ever she is grouped with
Champs~ Thorfinn with a side of aervoth, both really good at class and do insane amount of dmg makin me QQ
Hunters~ Tops, got that pro Pew Pew ur dead
Guards~ Kaha nuff said, then jaradan always a fun fight
LM's~ Riz and pige, both are equally annoying... and do good dmg
RK~ this one is gonna be a trio, Wonderr,reggahs, and (srry for spelling) lrindir <- i think? along those lines New Rk hits like a fricken truck
warden~ nupraptor he got some nice bleeds and doesnt die as fast i would want him to
Mini~ Crico dont need to explain my self he's a monstah

Creep, the fun part

Reaver~ Itty/wardi again dont need to explain
BA~ icjyou, cause well... you simply take to many of my kbs
Spida~ Halkin, doesnt play but who cares was and still is the best
Filers~ Guido, Doesnt play anymore but still best.
Wargs~ Murkalurk hands down cant touch him, kills you in 5 secs and hes gone
WL~ Yours truely, Yup i did it i posted my self in my own fourm post what ya gonna do about it, Oh and raidang he is good as well

clearly this says it all, now go QQ cause you didn't make the list

Love yours truely,