Any active, decent sized kins out there that run instances and BBs? I don't really do pugs,
and if I have to group I prefer it to be with kinmates. Instances are something I've just
been dabbling in, though I would like to get further in BBs.. 48/60 points for R3 atm, and it's
frustrating that I can't really get any further without a lot of fuss.

I have a lot of alts, but really the only one I'm looking to join with is my level 95 warden,
specced and geared for dps, though I don't mind tanking smaller groups.

FWIW, I tend to be on from 1200-0200 CST (afternoons, evenings, and into the wee hours)
almost daily, unless I'm busy with my son, the house, etc. Right now, all I've been doing
on my warden is rebuilding Hytbold, working on deeds for other zones, and the occasional
solo Sword Halls/Warg pens at 95. Just bear in mind that when my wife is on and feels
like playing, she tends to get the bulk of my time.