Hi all, would appreciate any insight.

I'm no expert on legendaries (highest level character is 77, haven't done much raiding and have no 1st age weapons, only 2nd age drops & crafted) but i understand the basics.

I have a champion that just hit level 60.

I bought a dropped 2nd age axe on the auction house. legacies look good enough for my uses, so is there any advantage aside from random chance of better legacies to crafting my own level 60 2nd age axe? are crafted & dropped identical aside from random draw of legacies?

The more pressing issue: legendary items that are not weapons:

I am still using the champion rune I got from the watcher. Try as I might, I never found any rune (even after reforging once or twice) that had legacies half as good for me as the first did, so I kept using the original, and now it's level 50 or so.

hitting level 60 I figured the best thing to do was to have my jeweler craft a level 60 2nd age rune, which I did. I feel like a sucker. Why'd I waste the mithril flakes on this? it does have a second aspect other than the improved incoming healing (which is of little importance since I solo 95% of the time) but the legacies: very disappointing: 1 I don't use bc I don't trait blue, another is a tier 1 ebb cool down (another skill I never use bc I'm not grouping much) and the other a so-so legacy for me, tier 3.

So my question is: should I ever bother 'upgrading' the champion rune? it doesn't seem to be an upgrade at all. I see no increase in the tiers of the legacies, just the same random draw & poor chance of having a high tier on them, only a slight increase in incoming healing and power reducers for blade skills?

have to say I am very underwhelmed by what i thought would be an improvement. it feels like I must have missed the point.

The cooldown for the jeweler craft is over 2 days. Is it worth trying again, or are the items that are not weapons just not worth making? Weapons have an obvious improvement: they do more dps. but the older age & higher level non-weapons, I'm failing to see the significance.