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    Game keeps re-downloading, I think

    Hihi, guys.

    I couldn't download the game through the site, the lotro progressive files wouldn't open for me.
    So I had to download steam, and then download lotro through that.


    Now, whenever I click the shortcut, or click it through steam; it comes up and the start up screen always says Thanks for downloading, and fixes the files for a couple seconds.
    I have to keep skipping through the intro movie and re-fixing the graphics and windowed screen size.

    I had the game before, but quit playing for a while (about a year ago) and uninstalled it.
    I don't want to have to keep doing these things every time I start the game up, it's a little laggier than before so I'll probably crash more- so I really don't wanna keep doing this, lol.

    Alsooo, it isn't a technical question but since I'm here I might as well ask; before I left I finished all the epic and quests in the Sutcrofts, before the new epic came out I think.
    I have no clue where the epic starts now, and if I have to buy another quest pack or not.

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    You need to buy Helms Deep to continue the Epic Line. Plus access the content 86-95. You start the continuation of the Epic Line at the river crossing in Sutcrofts going to West Rohan at Entwade.
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    Your start-up sounds normal, the client will always check that everything is in order and that it's up-to-date before launching the game.

    As to the graphics settings it may be that you're experiencing a crash when you exit the game that's preventing them from being saved. This crash is often invisible to you so you may not know it's happening.

    Next time you log-out try exiting to the Character Select screen and then waiting about ten seconds before closing the client. This should prevent the crash and allow the settings to be saved.

    If this does not work it could be that the "UserPreferences.ini" file in the "The Lord of the Rings directory in your Documents directory has become corrupt and the client cannot write to it. In that case try deleting, moving or renaming the file. The client will create a new one when it is next started and should then be able to write your settings to it.
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