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    Hammerhand Outfit Glitch

    So I got this new outfit. The Hammarhand that came with Helms Deep when I got it.

    But one glitch that is annoying considering I love this outfit.

    Whatever color my leggins have in the equipement that color goes trough the hauberk.



    Normal, like it should be.

    If I want it normal I have to unequip my leggins.

    I dont know whats wrong.

    Some help please.
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    I'v seen this glitch too, now I don't HAVE that set but I'v seen the glitch...So I MAY have a solution to it...but no promises.
    I'v noticed the one type of leggings that you get in Rohan seem to trigger it, I'd try to get different leggings, try loads of different ones, I noticed that only CERTAIN shaped ones do it, but seeing as I do not OWN that set to TEST I can not confirm any of this, but hey...it's worth a try!

    I hope this helped, if it didn't then Imma derp derp.
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