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    Take the Hobbit to Isengard Practice

    The event for our server is over!

    Official event information https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...s-to-Isengard! for anyone who has not heard about it yet.
    To watch on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/LOTROstream

    Side Note: This is server event, not a player or kinship run event. If you have thoughts and ideas speak up!
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    I can't make it at that particular time, but would be happy to join in with any other practice runs when I'm on Glad that Imladris is stepping up!
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    Imladris ideas for the Taking The Hobbits To Isengard event

    Imladris ideas for the Taking The Hobbits To Isengard event:

    This is in regard to Sapience's forum post https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ts-to-Isengard! which is scheduled for Wed April 23 at 5 PM ET. How will we Imladrissians be participating in this event?

    I'd like to contribute the following questions to the discussion (my own thoughts follow later):

    (1) What is our Objective: To win, to just Have fun, or both?

    (2) Route: What route will we take from the Pony to Isengard?

    (3) Participation: Who all can and will be doing what? e.g., who will be directly escorting Sapience? Will other jobs be joining him? Who will heal, who will dps, who will tank? Will there be scouts, flankers, and other groups clearing the path? Who WANTS to do what?

    (4) Organization: How do we coordinate things such as practice runs, keeping the actual run organized, handling troublemakers, etc?

    (5) Communication: How do we keep everyone interested on Imladris informed of the plans and decisions?

    I'm not trying to take charge (I'd just get lost, anyway!), just trying to throw some questions out there so we can all participate in the event! Any thoughts?

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    Some thoughts on above

    Hey, thanks Ning! Here are my thoughts on the above:

    (1) Objective: While we clearly want to both win AND have fun, there are things to think about to balance both, for example, do we just form a huge mob around Sapience, or do we organize into smaller groups and spread out to minimize lag? I'd like to see Imladris have a chance at winning, so I'd favour key individuals in designated groups with lag-minimizing plans to help our chances. Everyone can still participate and have fun, without it being complete chaos.

    (2) Route: Suggest finding the quickest route through practice runs. It'd be nice to announce the start of a practice run in this forum post, regional and glff as early as possible so everyone gets a chance to try it. Someone could post a map with the route line drawn, and milestones and times marked.

    (3) Participation: Who will do what, and how will we decide that? Sapience will /follow 1 person: who? Who will be flankers, killing the mobs to protect Sap? Who will be in the vanguard? Who will be dedicated to healing Sap? Who will keep Shield Wall on Sap? Who will deal with troublemakers (like by warning them GM's are watching and could ban for messing things up)?

    (4) Organization: Who all is doing what? Would be nice to have some names and things for key activites. Will we have hunters for speed boost? Who will be in what groups? Will we designate groups for (a) vanguard, (b) left flank, (c) right flank, (d) Trala healing, etc? Could we organize other people to be at checkpoints (maybe shoot off a few fireworks if lag is ok) who can't come along the whole run? Some fun stuff maybe?

    (5) Communication: Keep everyone in the loop as much as possible. Announce things in glff, regional, ooc as often as possible, including links to relevant sites with information. Announce practice runs. Should someone be appointed to announce progress during the run, i.e. where we are and times? Should we have a special /hobbit (e.g.) channel for important communications during the run? will we be posting information to specific websites and/or youtube channels?

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    Some quick thoughts from today's Practice run:
    * Great job everyone that participated! Was lots of fun!
    * Having symbols over the heads of the "hobbit" and leader was very helpful
    * Main group at least should use RaidCall/TeamSpeak or something to avoid having to type
    * Lots of hunters is group for ranged attacking ahead of main party and for speed boosts
    * Leader (one who Sap will /follow) shouldn't need to do anything other than lead (e.g. have someone else be casting ShieldWall on hobbit, etc)
    * Perhaps have following roles: Leader (who Sap /follows), Sap-healer, vanguard group goes 2 minutes ahead of main party to clear mobs, "Intel" person to announce things within the core group(s), "Reporter" to announce things to the server via glff and regional (progress), Navigator (to check map and say which way if peeps get confused (shouldn't happen)), Timekeeper to keep track of and announce time past waypoints
    * Announce waypoints where people can gather to cheer the main group on, play music, shoot fireworks, etc

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    Ooh how exciting. If I can help in any way, please let me know. I'll be happy to help plan if you need more people, and also can volunteer a hunter for the vanguard or an additional healer.

    I'd like to see a practice run after 8:30PM servertime at some point; I know I'm not the only one who can only play when the kiddos are in bed and the dishes are done. I'd offer to help coordinate it (though I am not exactly the most experienced group leader around...)
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