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Thread: LMs silence set

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    LMs silence set

    lms now have a set that can allow them to silence a target when they have a 4 set bonus of aud armour. Okay, thats fine, wargs can silence too makes sense. however, it does not make sense that the skill that silences has NO cd, and no induction. this can keep a warleader from using any heals whatsoever. it does not make sense that an single lm can practically perma silence a warleader. with the sudden increase of lms in the moors, it is nearly impossible for a warleader to use any heals, which really hurts the creep ability to fight back.

    this silence is game breaking for raid vrs raid combat, because unless the creep group burns down the lm(s) extremely fast, the creeps will have no chance whatsoever. sure, allow lms to keep the silence, but at LEAST give it a decent cool down so that creep healers at least have a chance. even the warg silence is a 30s cd, and even if multiple wargs use the silence a mni can use CoC to get an immunity to silence for a short time.

    this is what i see with the lm silence set, i would like to see others opinions on this

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    In the end, the Freeps win the war. This has been what Turbine has based the Moors around. Freeps are over powered because of this. Although this is not to say that Creeps aren't over powered as well. Both sides are at the moment just as all classes are.

    The silence set does need a nerf (I am sure most Freeps will QQ at this). If they added a cool down or gave it a percentage chance to apply silence would be a nice balance. I would suggest Turbine adding more ways to remove silence but I am sure they would say no and not to mention the explosion on the forums about it making Creep side too "over powered". Currently you have your tactical pot and your brand. That is it.

    I guess it's just our good fortune on Dwarrowdelf that most Loremasters are too incompetent to consistently keep it on the Warleaders. #my2cents
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    LMs should keymap Silence skill to the 'O' key
    then WL to the 'P' key

    that way their rotation can be OP OP OP OP OP OP from deep within Elf Camp or various other places defended by disarm spamming npcs or otherwise 1 shotting creeps.
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