Disclaimer: As long as you're not farming, I don't care how you play. I have my opinions on what good pvp is, but they're just opinions. It's an open zone; do as you wish.

That being said, it's sort of annoying and sort of humorous to see both sides complain about the Grams camp in OOC. Everyone seems to be opposed to it but large numbers on both sides still participate. I know it's easy renown/infamy and a safe spot for creeps (especially when they don't have a rez), but the Grams fight is never going to end until one side refuses to do it.

Creeps, you don't always need the safety of Grams; in fact, I'd say you rarely need it. Move across the map in groups and you'll find freeps to kill.

Freeps, I know it's easy renown just to sit in one spot and hit creeps as they come out, but if you want open-field pvp, leave Grams alone and make the creeps come out for a fight. It might take a little while, but they will do so.

I remember when creeps were at an even greater disadvantage than they are now, yet they roamed the map in groups, doing significant damage. We can have that type of pvp on Landy again, but it's going to take effort and a little self-discipline. And just know that no matter which side you're on, if you're fighting at Grams and complaining about it, you are (1) part of the problem and (2) a hypocrite.