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Thread: I am awful

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    I am awful

    I am terrible. I die within 20 seconds in a 1v1.

    How do you guys scamper all over the place so I can't get a hit in? I can't even turn fast enough to face you before you're already behind me again.

    I got killed by Torqeo about 10 times in a row. Dang.
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval

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    mrhm, equip urself better? change trait line ? change virtues? use different tactics ?
    any of those can be issue ,all of them are important

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurallor View Post
    I can't even turn fast enough to face you before you're already behind me again.
    Are you turning with your keyboard or your mouse?
    Hromgar, Captain
    Wardens of Numenor, Landroval

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    You pray to the the GM's to buff you ...

    But really... I recommend not even going to the moors until you are fairly geared.. You have both 2nd age legendaries complete with all relics (crafted relic optional, but it helps) ... At least have decent virtues 10+ or 18.. whatever.. Get Aud, which you can only get in the moors from comms... AND learn the class ( skill rotation , movement and other stuff ) .. Unless you really suck.. then broski you're on your own.

    Gear wise .. AT least all teal.. Crafted jewelry helps with morale , but yeah .. Good luck
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    I have decent gear. Nothing gold, because I don't like BBs, but all teal. I have 2nd Age weapons, max tiers on most legacies, tier 10 or westemnet relics in each slot. Four virtues at cap, although they may not be the best choice of virtues.

    Where I'm seriously lacking is in skill and tactics. I think my main problem is that I'm using the mouse to control my skills. So I have to take my eyes off the battle to find the icons, and I can't turn around at the same time.
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval

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    First, I'd suggest finding a veteran warden and asking him some advice on traiting, tactics, rotations, etc. Most players will be happy to help.

    Second, it sounds like you're using your A and D keys to turn and, as you said, you're clicking skills with the mouse. While there are plenty of people who get by with doing both of these, it is definitely sub-optimal gameplay. If you really want to get into pvp and you can afford it, you might want to look into getting a Razr Naga mouse (or a similar gaming mouse). The Naga has 14 keys on the side, 12 of which correspond to your number pad. This allows you to use your left hand to strafe or run forward with AWD while using your right hand to turn your toon and fire off skills. It takes a lot of adjustment but makes a world of difference. You'd have to remap A and D to strafe left and right. My own preference is to leave the "turn" command off completely.
    Hromgar, Captain
    Wardens of Numenor, Landroval

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the advice.
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval



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