So what's this I've been hearing about some new upstarts walking freely thru the Ettenmoors . I cant take a few days off to sort a few personal matters without literally a bunch of scrubs beating you guys down . I mean really WTH is going on here ? The reports started coming in from Hoarhallow , Help us please there's creeps here and they don't appear to be leaving anytime soon. I've gotten the same reports from TA, TR, Lugz, OR, LC and even the mines. The notes all appear to be hastily written but all containing the same message , HELP US PLEASE WE CAN'T STOP THEM !! If not for my being so close to a 2k rating I would gladly help to squash this uprising on my return .

You guys created this mess so your gonna have to clean it up before I step foot back out there . And as we all know they value a good hobbit foot dearly . It even went so far as a message from the Bace which simply read as follows ,

Please Nymp I beg of you to bring the crew out and right our wrongs . If you do I would gladly enroll in the local AA meetings as soon as things are back to normal !!

Mind you it was written on the back of a badly stained cocktail napkin . But it just goes to show how bad its gotten . But all the same the messages are all clear somebody's pissed and they're not going to take it anymore . Anyway I'll be deeding in Bree till you folks sort this out . If its not sorted out soon I may start drinking , And trust me you don't want a drunken hobbit on your a$$es.