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    Mar 2009

    Grats Second Marshal Nirnaen on rank 13!

    Dearest Neener,

    I really could only think of good things to say.You are a most-skilled player.And probably one of the nicest people one could hope to come across.

    I have seen you stick it out for endless 1vs1s,getting facerolled solo,and small grouping,and in Apex roflstomp groups.And all and anything in between.Your ability to adapt to the environment and action at any given second is just impeccable.

    I can not thank you enough for your willingness to give fair fights I don't know how many free passes you gave me even before we were friends.The I R Creep vs Apex small group fights near ROP were some of the best and most memorable in my time in LOTRO.I am so glad that though your kin dwindled you didn't disappear.Your friendship is cherished and much appreciated as is your playstyle in the moors.Glad to share 2 servers with you on them.

    You could throw in a "well-deserved" on anyone's thread but here I can't think of anything more fitting.Well-deserved Neener

    Onward to rank 14 my friend.


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    Worst Mini NA, but you are a very sexy sounding lady.

    Grats Ms. Nirn

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    Mar 2009
    Buffalo NY

    Thumbs down

    Neener. You are a strong, independent woman who proves herself worthy of my respect and affection time and time again. I will treasure our late nights with Dolliver and Dale forever- the pale moon's light caressing your feminine curves to the sweet melodic tune of insomnia induced pk. Stay gold.

    n oi, hed bck to winfola u sheep shgging kntlick oarbag. ur a rite peace o chit u r get reckt

    <3 <3 <3 <3 ;-* <3 <3 <3 <3
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#999999][B]~ Cirq - r13 LM - Apex - Elendilmir [/B]// [B]Cirone of Windfola ~[/B][B][I]
    "Sometimes survival comes down to not being hit. Actually, most times."[/I] [/B][/COLOR]

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    May 2009
    Congrats Nirn! Hope to see you carry on to 14!

    Original Challenger of the Abyss

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    Congratulations Nirnaen,

    I'm glad you ended up xfering here, all that time ago, it has been a pleasure playing against and alongside, one of the finest healing minstrels in the game.

    Onwards to 14, (woman?) <o>
    Gandolfien - Acta Non Verba

    Achmetha/Yewl - Stainless

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    Nov 2007
    In my brief forays with you I have nothing but the utmost reverence for how you carry yourself as a person, it is and has been a pleasure.
    There may come a time for valor without renown, for those without swords may surely still die upon them.

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    Grats Nirn.

    Absolute top notch player and person.
    [center]Let our actions speak for themselves. Jinjaah has been pouring over every post in the Bullroarer forum. Please keep in mind that any experiences with previous LOTRO teams are not reflective of the current team, give us a chance[/center]

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    Dec 2011
    congratz Nirn! Although i don't know your mini i'm sure you play her as great as your rk and that you deserve this rank
    Second Marshall Tarpelion/Commander Huntarp/Master guardsman Vindicto

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    Nirnaen (Banenakh)

    Nirnaen, Intruder of Rooftops

    I can only wish you the sincerest congratulations on your newest, non flotm, Rank 13. You are truly an enjoyable person to play alongside and to also discuss the nature of current situations.
    I only hope that Call to Fate and Cry of the Wizards continue to crit as creeps flee to the rez in your endeavor to Rank 14.

    If only Barricadez 3.0 was possible...

    Leader of Elevate

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    Feb 2011
    Gratz Nirn. Very well earned.

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    Congrats! Always a great fight when you are out, thanks for the fun times!
    Sniz(defiler) / Johanson(cappy)

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    Jun 2011
    A little late perhaps, but congratulations Nirn Well deserved friend.

    It is good to hear you have continued PvP on E, I remember the days when you were r9 and used to nuke my warg in his puppyhood back on windy.



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