Hey Everyone,

Many of you know me as Swiftmaw/Swiftpaws (I also have my Rank 7 LM, Majorkoo). I've had about 1 1/2 years of fun in the 'moors, but I think It's time for me to move on. I plan on playing ESO when it comes out in ~1 month. I'm glad I was able to meet so many nice (and sometimes mean) people, and to have the ability to play with them. You have all done so much for me, and I wish I could repay all of you. I would like to give a big "Thanks" to everyone who 1v1ed me, as you helped me learn the ways of the Warg. I'll be on every month or so, just to say "Hello" and to chat with everyone.

I'd also like to say "Thank You" to Taubrum, Shumzuda, and the rest of the Freepaphiles. You have all supported and helped me on my way to Rank 8. Possibly some of my best PvMP memories come from playing with you guys. Once again, Thank You.

I hope I won't be alone in ESO. I'd like to have some friendly faces to chat with.

Thanks again,