Hello beautiful people of Brandywine!
Some of you already know me while other have never heard of me. I am Estelali, I play a captain on Brandywine. Yeah, that guy who often leads pug raids through tier 2 challenges.
With the amount of kinship on this server, with most kinships having established websites and ventrillo servers, it would be stupid to create a new one. But I had this idea for casual raiding kinship and despite the odds stacked against me, I would like to give it a try.

"Casual Raiders", a place for friendly group of people to learn raid mechanics together and enjoy this wonderful, ever changing, going through transition game :-)
I welcome people from all countries and cities around the world. Raiding will be regular but casual. Raiding times will be 2pm server time, so very EU friendly.
Let's make it happen guys. If you have any further question, please ask below or contact Estelali in game.