Since I wasn't focused so much on playing until now, just crafting, I didn't worry too much about Weaponsmith or Armorer. I finally finished both, but the Weaponsmith especially needs polish. I spend a few weeks looking for recipes on AH at every tier, but for some reason the tiers between Expert and Supreme seem neglected. I know people get drops because I get them really often on all my alts when I'm in an appropriately leveled area.

Tangent... Journeyman can be tricky... but here's a tip, I recently needed a recipe for my Tailor and had to figure out who drops Journeyman scrolls, it's Southern Barrow Downs. The goblins in the northernmost part of the Shire are still Apprentice, and then Evendim is Artisan. There's a quest there between N and S Barrow Downs to get Journeyman Scrolls that also gives you helpful materials for that tier. I hope someday to discover similar quests for every tier, but I'm not an expert on what's where.

Soooo... is there a similar kind of thing for Expert scrolls? (I'm a diehard quester, rather do that than skirm and buy. I know I can buy scrolls for marks.)

Eventually if after weeks of collecting recipes, a tier looks bad still, I usually go to the Store and just buy a recipe book for the tier. But the store says there is nothing there for me to buy.

Have those golden books been deleted?
What about the one-shot recipes?