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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosdracir View Post
    The cost in marks has been reduced since these items first showed up at the skirmish vendor. I've been levelling a new LM over the last couple of months. I used a 95 Hunter to grab some of the slug bubbles and worm eyes. The CD & Uru items were fairly cheap at the skirmish vendor. I've made back the marks several times oveer turning in Anniversary Steel coins.
    also check the AH before you use your marks. They are often pretty cheap there, these days, affordable even for your first character. Or ask in global/trade. People often vault spares for kinnies and alts and will give them away if they know you need them.

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    I've run through the instances so many times that I have a set of all the Carn Dum and Urugarth items sitting in the vaults of all my lowbie alts when it's time to hit 45. It's really nice that the AH and skirm camp do have the minor items for the quests - those turtle beaks drove my hunter crazy back in the day!
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    Okay, I tested this on BR. I will ./bug report it there. Live players should ./bug report it. The fix would be, to me, to have this item incrementally apply the experience points you are granted such that you get your auto-bestowed or mailed items that you would otherwise get. Alternatively, the item could query for any items that you would have gotten but have not gotten, if you had not used the item. I think the latter would be more work. Sure, not getting the social titles (The Wary, etc.) isn't an issue for me with this item.

    A workaround, for now, requires you to look up the relevant quest giver (Isdi for Lore-masters). I also noticed that you don't get any letter or auto-bestowed quest that you would get when you level normally.
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    If you jump level 45, look up the NPC who gives your class quest and visit them. Just recently did the LM (not my first LM) and the quests have changed somewhat. I think the two minor biggies (2nd stage) are the same but the other mobs you need to get things from have changed. I bought the last stage trophy items from the AH or with marks from skirmish. These quests are a breeze now (I even used the sword reward for a level!).
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