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The problem with your argument is you don't know what the goals of our lottery system were, why we built it, or what we expected from it. From our standpoint it exceeded every expectation we had for it. So much so that we were able to crash the entire site by offering up the right items in the lottery to drive insane engagement. That was the point. Engagement outside of the game.

That was actually one of the problems with it. it was so successful, so popular, and so frequently visited it actually put our website under exceptionally heavy load when lotteries were active. This is why one of the mandates of the new system is to make it light weight and simple. So we don't have the old issue of putting up a lottery and players almost immediately seeing a "Site is under maintenance" message do to the servers being crushed under the load. Basically, the old lottery system was so popular that running one created a kind of DDOS on our own systems.

By the way, a lottery is inherently a question of luck. There is no "game" involved in a lottery. It is a "I want to win advertised prize X" and you buy your ticket and see what happens. No game involved. Skill will not improve your chances. Playing more often won't either. It's about luck. Which is exactly what the LOTRO Lottery was and likely will be again. The same is also true for slot machines, raffles, and their like.
Speaking of engagement and involvement outside of the game... Any chance the Pre-Moria flash games could make a come back? I miss the Elevensies game, the beer drinking and axe tossing game, but had trouble with the strategy game (and I love strategy games). Those were awesome engagement and interest garnering tools.

Any chance they might be something that can be implemented as part of the festivals? Something that can be accessed outside the game, but give your ingame characters some reward.