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    Something to be said

    Hey everyone, I'm sure most of you don't care or simply ignore this post, but I felt like announcing I've quit lotro, haven't been logging in for over 2 weeks and I simply don't have the mood for it.
    I think this is the 3rd time or so that I have "quit" but I have a very strong feeling this is really it. Many things have happen to me irl lately, also many of my friends have left long time ago and some have done so recently.
    This might sound cheesy but I'd like to thank all of you who made this server a MMO home for me for over a 5 or is it already 6? years
    Many times I was bored and logged in just to get cheered up by all the great people on this server.
    I've also got a lots of friends and acquintances during the years.
    There are many people I'm very grateful to know, I don't need to say your names, I think you who I refer to, know it.
    I'm getting a lot of nostalgia here thinking of all the silly things that have happen for example: Corner survivors, confound, Stormbow oneshots, Gluth and his brother 2v1, Squelch and Curu under stab madness, "Saw peekaboo", Smelly UB, burg channel on it's prime, many many things... and me following around Gilias to learn my class and how to PvP. Think I became a decent player.
    All I want to say is those who are left on Gilrain, don't spread all the hate, after all you are all on the same boat. If you are kind to someone you will get the same behavior back in return.

    For those who I have played with:
    I have won,
    I have lost,
    I have been a good player,
    I have been a bad player.

    I have been defeated,
    I have been dissapointed,
    I have fought,
    I have fallen.

    I've had belief,
    I've had hope.
    I have given my everything,
    Never have I given up.

    I have QQ'd,
    I have laughed,
    I have screamed,
    I have fought,
    I have been angry,
    I have been thankful,
    I have always wanted to be better and try my limits.

    I have been in trouble,
    I've always got help.

    I have been lucky.

    But never have I been Alone.
    Thank you Gilrain

    All the best - Juregar
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    So when will you be playing your captain again? Or get your burg back to Puliveivarit? It's your fault that Gilrain feels empty. I believe I saw a MOTD that it's your fault that the Lion's Arch got destroyed too (not sure about that though).
    Kaiho R8 Spurgu Puliveivarit
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    It's sad to see you leave Jure. I always considerd you to be one of the most fair players and one of the few who was actualy outspoken about all the bad stuff going on at freep side from a couple players. By the way, I also find myself not being in the mood to play and i have not logged in for several weeks now.


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    Sorry to see you go, loved every fight with you - although I wouldn't have minded winning one -- or .. perhaps.. you know.. visit Eldar some time


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    Eindhoven, NL
    Take care Jure. Hope to see you back one day. X

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    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Cya around Jure!
    Cheers for all the good and bad times
    You will be missed! and hopefully you'll be back some day.

    P.S. Cheers for the music xD still loving it!

    Leniency is for the weak, I'd rather die than show you mercy, Slaughter is yet to come.



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