Hello everyone.
Can start with, if there have been some answers from the devs about this, I must've missed it. please link it to me.

So I'm pretty sure lotros community have won several awards for being the best mmo-community?
Ok, I wish the devs were more grateful for that. That there were better connections between us. Because I feel lost right now. And I feel that the higher ups does not really care about what we players want.

I want to know why you have changed the direction of the game, for going all in for casuals only.
When you introduced RIFT-raid back in SoA. You put a new standard for LoTRO's Endgame. That standard did you keep through MoM, SoM and pre RoI.
When RoI released, we had to wait several months before a new endgame content was released. Before it, we could only play old ones.
When RoR released, it was even worse. The difficulty were not even, difficult. We had again to do old raids/skirmishes/instances untill later update. And what we got was not close to the same quality as previoua endgame content.
When HD released, well. I didn't even bought it. Because the warnings have been coming since RoI about less efforts is going for those who wants content like this.
And RoR kinda confirmed this, but now when the next update got nothing for those who seeks this. You confirmed it as well.

So as a player, that have been playing since release. I wish you could either put a reply here.
Or an open letter for everyone about the future of lotro, why the changes, why ignoring the players who seeks more difficult content, why going in more for repetive stuffs etc.
Because I am ready to put LoTRO aside, but I want things cleared up before that.
I think we(Pretty sure there's other who feel the same way), as loyal players, deserve that.