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    A little help (crafting)...

    Sorry, I'm not granted access to post in the crafting forum. I'm looking for input from those playing the game as it relates to my game playing.

    - I'm playing a burglar
    - I'm not going to be spending time on any alts
    - I actually do not enjoy gathering or crafting; I'll still do it as I take on what the game has to offer
    - I'm currently soloing and without a kinship

    I'm leaning toward the Tinker vocation as the gather/craft go hand in hand and cooking seems simple enough as a stand alone.

    Any thoughts? Your help is appreciated.

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    Cooking is not a stand-alone; it usually needs support from the resources crafted by a Farmer. As a Tinker you would be able to make jewellery for yourself from ore/gems that you prospect.

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    If you don't really enjoy crafting, then I'd recommend going Explorer. You can gather ore and wood, and process hides. If you choose to do Tailoring, you can make your own armor and be self-sufficient at that. But most of all you can sell the raw or minimally processed (just enough to max out your Prospecting and Forestry) on the AH and have a good income stream with minimum fussing with actual Crafting.
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    As a Burglar;
    Tailor: Medium Armor, Class (Legendary) item (Burglar's Tools), Ranged slot (Signal)
    Weaponsmith: Melee (Legendary) Weapons, Throwing knives
    Woodworker: Melee (Legendary) Weapons
    Jeweller: Jewellery
    Scholar: Consumables
    Cook: Consumables
    Metalsmith: Tools

    So, you're going to get the most bang for your buck as either an Explorer, going after Tailoring. Crafting your own Armor and items.
    Or, going with Armsman, crafting your own Weapons (Daggers/Swords), and eventually craft your own Legendary Weapons.

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    Shukar, to the rescue again .

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Follow-up question...

    Do tailors make any nifty and cool burglar head pieces like a ninja mask, hoods, etc? Thanks!

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    They make head gear... As for what you mean my "Ninja Masks", I cannot answer because I don't know what you're talking about.

    Keep in mind, LotRO has a cosmetic system. In that if you find something with an appearance you like, you can equip is cosmetically, without affecting the actual gear you have equipped and the stats they provide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    So off all the nice things this game offer... You want to be only a burglar but don't want to level up, & don't want to do anything but crafting & even that you don't like it. What will you do on the game?
    I'm not sure how you got all that. I'm not big on crafting and my focus will be on one character because that's what life gives me time to do. I'm leveling up and enjoying the game.



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