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    Quick question on Deeds

    Do they get automatically set when you complete one now that bards don't do it for you?

    Ok nvm. I found it.

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    Though, the OP found their answer on their own...

    When you earn Racial or Virtue traits, you have to equip them via your Trait Panel. Press J to open your Trait Panel, then on the upper left side, click on the Race or Virtue tab.

    You can easily drag and drop Racial traits onto available slots. But, sometimes it's not so easy on the Virtue tab. Left clicking on a Virtue will often open your Deed Log or the LotRO store to buy that Virtue. Right clicking on the Virtue to equip it to an empty trait slot, and/or right clicking on an equipped trait to free up the slot, will work around that.

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    Thx Hale!



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