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    Cool New to the game kinda

    Hey been playing now for about a months and bit so far so good. makes a hell of a change from playing WOW for since TBC. overall fisrt impression is pritty good compared to WOW which from my point of view have gone downhill since WOTLK due to the player base being Idiots towards each other these day with all the stuff they get so they dont have to interact with anyone anymore.

    Thats that bit over I am currtly playing a Dwarf guardian lvl 52 atm on evernight and finding realy good fun I have always played the tank class as that what i have been sine TBC of WOW and just cant help think the dwarfs beat any other race hands down. but thats just me I also like the hunter class which my wife plays in LOTRO so we lvl up together and are both finding the game good fun. The crafting side is good as the stuff you can make you can use for several lvl with out getting better items from quests and such. also the housing is a cool idea.

    So overall finding the people that play this game far more friendlyer and helpfull than WOW playerbase and enjoying the game more because of it.

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    Thumbs up Welcome

    Welcome to LOTRO ~
    Yea the first playthrough in some of those regions, particularly Lothlorien is really breathtaking in places. If you have any Q's just shoot.

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    Cool Welcome!

    Welcome to LOTRO and enjoy Tolkiens world!

    You also choosed a really active server. According to this site http://lux-hdro.de/hdro-live.php EU server Evernight is one of the most populated server, besides Brandywine (US), Landroval (US) and Gwaihir (DE) at the moment.
    I got chars on Brandywine and Evernight as well. See you ingame haha ^^



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