As classes are rebalanced, I would urge the devs not to bring all classes up to the level of the OP ones and instead lower the OP ones down to the level of the other classes. For example, I see RKs complaining about mini healing but the answer isn't to buff RKs to mini levels but instead to nerf minis. RK healing was nuts before and needed a nerf. Yes it could be more fluid, but it's a mistake to compare RKs to minis when minis are obviously face roll easy.

Another example from champs: just because cappies can take on 20 NPCs doesn't mean champs are weak, it just means cappies need a nerf. Champs need red line love and are clunky but they went from a very OP class before that could do really high DPS while also having very high survivability so it just seems weak in comparison. No class should be able to do it all and champs could and got a deserved nerf.

This isn't to say each class doesn't have bugs and things to be fixed, just that the game is way too easy, some classes need nerfs and nerfs aren't inherently bad.