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    Should you preorder videogames?

    For those of you who don't know there is a big YouTube video maker called TotalBiscuit. I've been watching his videos for several years now, and I've always found him to be a very opinionated and influential person on YouTube. I've just seen his video giving this thoughts on preordering games, and he makes some very valid points. It's 20 minutes long, but well worth it. Here's the video.


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    There's already a thread discussing that video


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    I've just had a look at that thread. I think this is a more appropriate place for this though, as it is an off topic discussion.

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    I pre order the ones im a fanboy about. I pre preordered Skyrim and GTA IV. I'll probably pre order GTA V.

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    Here are some good reasons to pre-purchase a game:
    • If there's a discount or bonus that outweighs any risk of disappointment
    • If you enjoy the sometimes big fun mess of playing a game on launch day (without standing in lines or worrying about overloaded web sales portals)
    • If you've beta tested or watched enough demos of a game that you're confident with its quality
    • If you support a company philosophically enough to let them earn interest on your money instead of earning it yourself

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    I'll be pre ordering GTA V, always like the GTA series.
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    Well i would preorder games from a company i trust to deliver, quite frankly there is none of those around anymore though.

    Edit: Wait i'm lying i did actually kickstart Original sin, and i would preorder The Witcher 3. That's the only 2 companies though i respect enough anymore to preorder.

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    I preorder video games, like this game, because I like the preorder bonuses and I know that I will end up buying the expansion eventually, so why not?

    I made a mistake 2 days ago though, when I preordered the upcoming Alfredo Rodriguez CD off of amazon. I only got 1 song up front, and there's not even any bonus songs/material that came with the preorder. I guess I jumped the gun when I decided to buy it... I didn't read this small print from amazon.com: "You will be charged for and receive songs from this album as they become available. Pre-order contents may change without notice."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorwyn99 View Post
    Well i would preorder games from a company i trust to deliver, quite frankly there is none of those around anymore though.

    Edit: Wait i'm lying i did actually kickstart Original sin, and i would preorder The Witcher 3. That's the only 2 companies though i respect enough anymore to preorder.
    Similar to me. There's maybe two or three companies who I trust to deliver over the long run with a game, and I'll pre-order from them. They're more niche market and they've all established a long track record of fixing things in a timely manner and providing long term support to their games. Otherwise, I'll pick up stuff in Steam sales or whatever. It's actually becoming much more common for me to buy stuff in the sales with the nickel and dime approach so many of the companies are taking to games. I pick up the DLC and the game for less than I'd have paid just for the base game if I'd pre-ordered. It's becoming fairly ridiculous to see games six months after release still having fundamental flaws whilst the company pushes out yet more frivolous junk they expect players to pay for and which they've deliberately cut out of the base game to release in that way; or even worse make vapid promises about future fixes and features which you know all too well that they'll never meet. I'm too old to be taken for a fool, and there's quite a long list of companies whose products I'd not pay for outside of finding them in a bargain bin, and sometimes not even then.

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    Sega's Alien: Colonial Marines taught me a harsh lession with preordering games. I doubt I'll be doing so again anytime soon as a result.
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    Main reason to pre-order outside personal gain, or happiness you get.

    Is to helps Companies know the interest in the game before its release.
    Now certain games have such huge followings, your pre-order likely meant nothing(well.. it meant something.) but what you got form it. (Skyrim, GTA V)

    But on Newer titles (IP's) or old titles getting new versions, it helps decide what they should do. Or if they should drop more money on said title.
    Do they need more advertisements? certain regions not caring, certain areas will need more shipments, good numbers mean they can put money towards DLC and other content, more support. Added features.
    Bad numbers, means they can hold back, and not risk money loss.

    To me, depending on game. I often don't pre-order inless there a good bonus worth value.
    On game like Dark Souls II, or Deep Down. I'll go for pre-order just to show interest.
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