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    Deconning relics for shards ?


    I have read that the best way to get shards is to decon relics at lvl 5. Is this still true if you have the 25% crit scrolls for relic combines? I have 2 I have gotten through play somehow and lots of relics. So I would like to maximize my benefits since it seems kinda difficult to get tons of shards for making the better relics.


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    11,21,31,41,51 are when you want to deconstruct, the higher you take them the higher the relics will be when you decon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minoman View Post
    11,21,31,41,51 are when you want to deconstruct, the higher you take them the higher the relics will be when you decon.
    That has nothing to do with the question at hand.

    He's asking about when to refine Relics to Shards, not when to Deconstruct LI's for Relics.

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    Actually, I think the OP has mixed both combining relics of one tier to create one of the next tier, i.e. combining 4 1st tier to create 2nd tier and refining relics for shards together. I'm pretty sure the crit scroll is only for when you're combining relics. If you crit that you will receive some shards, the higher the level combining the more shards. Refining gives a set number depending on the level and, to be honest, I don't know how many you get for each level of relic refined. Depending on how many relics you have to combine and how long the scroll lasts should determine at what level of combining you'll want to use it. I'm pretty sure you start getting a decent amount of shards on crits on 3rd or 4th level relics when combining, but it also starts getting expensive.

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    Well, I'm not aware of public empiric data on this so all we can do is speculate, but regarding the crit scroll there are a few things to note:
    a) the effect is capped at tier 7 (I think)
    b) higher tiers have a lower base-critchance
    c) on lower tiers crits often yield 4+ relics and shards, at higher tiers it's rare to get more than 2 relics on a crit

    In the end it's a matter of balancing shard rewards, relic supply, gold cost and time required. Personally I tend to combine all relics up to tier 5 once in a while, and then all but about 30 of each up to tier 9 (haven't done relic stuff since HD). The shards from crits combined with shards from crafted relics are generally enough for my needs, but that requires a large supply of relics (several hundred/thousand at tier 5) and gold. And if I really need some extra shards I have enough spare relics to refine.
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    I did this a few times last year and kept track of the results, after winning a lot of those crit scrolls in a lottery.
    I can't find all my results at the moment but here is the one I have on hand:

    Starting with 162 T5 relics I did 54 combines and received 78 T6 relics & 1260 shards (from the combines' critting, not from refining)

    If I had refined those 162 T5 relics, I would have gotten: 12,798 shards
    Using the 25% crit scroll to forge T5's into T6's and then refining the 78 T6's I would have ended up with: 14,976+1,260=16,236 shards

    So looks like you get an extra 26.9% shards using the crit scroll



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