So as a Hunter 3 of my Skills got bleeds attached to it, them beeing named: Seeking Arrow - Bleed, Noble Arrow - Bleed, Spread of Arrow - Bleed. Now all do the same dmg over the same period of time, only difference in name and that they get applied by said skill. Since they are applied by different skills, and got different names i kinda assumed that they all stack on my target but no thats not the case, instead the last applied overwrites the prior dot, so instead of having 3 dots up most of the time, i got 1 up permanently which leads me to the question if thats working as intended or a bug? it further leads me to think of it as a bug cause my bridle got a legacy that increases my dots by 10%; and while it does increase the dmg of the dots, if only a single one can be active at a time it looses alot of value.