With a new update coming and having just leveled yet another character from 65 into the 90s I thought I'd post for others thoughts on this. Does the game feel like questing lines are getting more linear?
Way back going into Esteldin or Angmar it could be a bit daunting to see 20 quests available. But players that took the time to read the quest bestowals could organize the quests into similar regions and make trips for a set of quests while still having others to complete. Now the game feels like it is automatically doing that for us by only giving us a few quests to pick up at a time.. and not always arranging them how we'd like.

Edoras is a perfect example of that. On the first trip there no quests pop up except in the mead hall.. well ok it's story driven no problem but then once I start helping the Edoras people get ready there are still stages of when quests become available? It's too much.. Give me all the quests, let me decide which ones to do and which to leave.

Examples are everywhere, but it does seem to be getting worse, in Snowbourne there were 2 lines if i remember right, go to fastred and get this group of quests then go again and get next group.. just let us get them all at once.

I did see someone complaining about his in ooc too, since all the quests in a town are linear.. if there is a quest we don't want to do because it is obviously helping enemy for example or is something like picking up goat droppings with our shiny lvl 60 first age then we can't progress in the quests in that town.. (side note most recently i've ben leveling lm so no need to upgrade gear but balance is another issue and it's fun fighting in lvl 60 gear at lvl 90)

So can we add an option.. open up town quest chains or skip undesirable quest .. something like Hero laughs in the spys face and refuses to collect weapons for enemy or mocks farmer and tells him to handle his own goat #@!$

Or just change how quest lines are written.. this is an open world game, it shouldn't feel like we need to do every quest to progress the story!