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    What reduces your susceptibility to dread?

    Before you answer I do not mean what increases hope.

    I ask because one of my toons (hunter) can go areas with out receiving hardly any dread, another (rune-keeper) almost dies from it, Both are the same level and neither are using a token.

    Is it a stat, resistance, mitigation etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    May I ask, in which areas you experience the difference in dread on your toons?

    (just in case: if it is Angmar, your runekeeper should finish the epic quests in Aughaire)

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    My understanding is that dread is simply dread. I am not aware of any stat that mitigates it. Just tokens. There is a "line of death" in Angmar that you'll have to finish the epic questline to be able to cross, barring that............??

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    There's a few occasional gear pieces that give Hope, so maybe that's the difference? The one that I remember is the sheriff's cap from some quest in the shire (though I couldn't say which one, not by heart).

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    My toons are lvl 95 and I thought they all did all the book quests in Angmar but the instance that made me ask this is Barad Gularan

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynamewastakenvandel View Post
    My toons are lvl 95 and I thought they all did all the book quests in Angmar but the instance that made me ask this is Barad Gularan
    Currently the only way to decrease the impact of Dread is Hope. There is nothing else you can do about it.

    Where exactly? What fight are you having an issue with?

    Some of the older instances especially in Angmar have some very interesting scripting. They are much more complicated than the newer instances many of which are simple tank and smack.

    Things to watch out for are - where are you standing? Some of these places they put very nasty hot spots. You want to stand in them. Other places have permanent bad spots you do not want to stand on. There are the nasty skills that are occasionally used.

    It is such an old instance. I do not know if there any really detailed guides for it any more. Some of fan sites from years ago that had that information no longer exist. All the guides and information that was on those sites are gone.
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    After Helms Deep came out our kin started a group with new characters trying to do all the content on level. The last boss in Barad Gularan is the only one we had some serious difficulty with (so far, we are doing Lothlorien instances now). Everyone really need to know all the mechanical details of this fight, and then execute everything you have to do on time. After 5 wipes, gradually improving, we finished it. It felt like a real accomplishment, very satisfying. I hope update 13 will rebalance enough so we have more of these hard fights. As far as dread goes, yes this boss has a lot of dread, but that won't kill you. It's his special abilities that will do it. The explanation on the wiki is pretty good how to prevent this.



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