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If you realy think that the situation on Gilrain is not because of the actions of these people than you are more biased than I ever thought. People started to leave the game or transfer to other servers because of some spoiled nolifer kids, who had nothing better to o in their life than cheat and exploit in a video game. But what do you know about this? Did you ever tried to fight agains them? Gues no, in fact you and your belowed kinnies had quite an impact on the extinction of this once nice server, with aiding the kind of players you mentioned above. The creeps of Gilrain only made one mistake, they entertained these conceited, selfish players, and now as they killed everything what was left here, now they are off to ruining another server. Are you proud of it you were part of their 'team'?

P.S.: And I write this, as I was playing mostly freep only on this once frienly and lovely server.
No one in my kin has ever exploited , cheated , combat logged . You are just like the others (save that at least they have the courage and decency to not be ashamed of who they are ). If you are twisted enough to think as you do then you need professional help . There were cheaters , exploiters , clubbers , macro users , combat loggers on both sides .My kin has produced some of the best raid leaders of all . Not once have any cheated nor were any of us responsible for the extinction of this server in any way shape or form .

Rubbish end game content in pve , imbalance in pvp , dwindling player numbers , apathy perhaps, have all contributed but it's ludicrous to blame me or my kin . Are you for real ? Now where is the address for your feather ?