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    Slayer Deeds and my Burning Question :D

    I guess you can call me a kinda/sorta completionist. I still have tons to do and really don't mind spending time working on deeds at all because I really would love to have a blank canvass on at least one character. However, for the longest time one thing has bugged me. After Eregion and when/if you move into Enedwaith you are required to kill 120 of whatever, then the advanced is 255. Dunland is the usual 120/240 for the most part, but GR and beyond all have this annoying 120/255 thing going on.

    Now, I have had this explained to me in great mathematical detail, but it still makes no sense at all and those extra 15 are sometimes the straw that breaks the camels back. LOL

    So can someone please tell me why it has to be this way? Can't you do like 150/300 in the higher level areas Turbine?

    Next: And why does a low level player have to kill 450 spiders in The Barrow of Tarudan? Honestly, it's quite sad to watch people run around in there trying to outkill another player and then to see a way over level person come in and decimate the place. 150/300 is a lot when half the server is in there jockying for position at any given time, and why do Wights only come out in droves at night in The Trollshaws? Cowards! The Crawler/lizard slayer in Eregion makes no sense either, would be better to have Wood Troll slayer + there is an Instance you can do to advance it.
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