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    Epic Vol 1, Book 3 Chp 3 not available?

    I believe that Vol 1, Book 3, chapter 3 - Fallen Once More, of the epic quest line should be available at lvl 35 but when my lvl 35 Hunter returns to Halbarad in Esteldin, all he has is a silver ring above his head? Is the Wiki wrong? Chapter 2 - The Gates of Fornost is there in my completed quest list (and I'm wearing the cloak!). Completely stuck and unable to progress the quest line.

    I have not played this chr for ages having just returned to LotRO so any help would be appreciated.

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    Chapter 3 STARTS with Mincham, all the way on the West side of North Downs. It does not start at Halbarad in Estledin, Chapter 3 ENDS with Halbarad.

    If I had to wager, I'd guess you did Chapter 2 at lvl 29, which is why Mincham didn't offer you the lvl 35 quest.

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    Thanks, I was looking in the wrong place in the west there. Hadn't gone as far as Mincham's camp.



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