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    Oct 2010
    Czech Republic

    Congratulations BT on rank 14!

    Gratz mate!
    Now you waiting long way on TOP rank.
    I hope it will be soon. :-)
    /// Inquisidor Blackarrow R15 /// Klausheimer Reaver R15 /// Kyklop Warleader R12 /// Chirurg Defiler R12 /// Specnaz Spider R11 ///

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    May 2010
    Well-deserved and well-earned. You're the best WL on the server and a nice guy to boot. Grats, BT!
    Hromgar, Captain
    Wardens of Numenor, Landroval

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    COngratulations BT!!
    Hard won for sure and very deserved.
    Pouncival Azbiter- Plucky Comic Relief of the Ettenmoors-
    The Warg of The Dance
    DO Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wargs
    For you are crunchy, and taste good with bacon.

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    Grats BT! Thanks for all the advice and groups in the past. See ya out there!
    It is ok if you disagree with me. I cannot force you to be right.
    Dushur: rank 11, warg
    Denfare: rank 7, lvl 85 guardian

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    grats on rank thats nice =D
    Wiltoms (Lm 95 R12),Sickwoody (Hunter 95),Ninedhell (RK 95),Pogzo (Min 95)
    Québec Légende

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    You have a heart of gold you little monster!
    Congrats on rank!

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    BT is the hulk of creepside mother fen BEAST !
    [FONT=lucida grande][B][COLOR=#FF0000][/COLOR][/B][/FONT][COLOR=#37404e][FONT=lucida grande][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#FF0000][FONT=lucida grande][B]YOLO HUNTER !!! Officer Riddles in the dark ....Best REAL hunter on server[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#37404e][FONT=lucida grande]

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    Beast Mode gratz man!
    Healers are overrated

    Hotz RaNk 12

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    I would like to thank all the creeps and freeps who helped me achieve rank 14=)
    ~RETIRED~Burglartarget rank 15 wl, rank 12 spider, rank 11 warg, rank 10 ba, rank 10 mini, rank 8 defiler, rank 8 reaver, rank 8 runekeeper, rank 7 hunter, rank 7 burg

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    That's really cool! Looking forward to heal with you in the same group!

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    Feb 2014
    Grtaz bt,,,,best wl out there

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Congrats my friend! Great accomplishment!
    Chokes R11 WL
    Choked R9 Captain

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    gj burglartarget

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    Dec 2010
    Afk in Grams/GV
    Bit late but congrats BT! Best WL I've seen.


    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
    Professorkeating, r12 War-Leader/ Ryzer, r13 Captain
    Skill and Valour, Landroval



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