From the direction the gameplay is heading, from what ive read, It looks like we'll be seeing no new raids but a ton of new Land Content? If im right, id like to make a suggestion to the designer. As it stands now we can summon our Soldier to play on the landscape via a token. I propose that you introduce new Dangerous/Warzone areas on the new Lands soon to be created. These areas are where it is already under control of Saurons forces or under contest for control. In these area we would be able to summon of Soldiers to aid us as to combat the growing numbers of Evil Forces in these areas. Some parts of these areas could be doable by a solo person with their Soldier and the further you fight in the tough the fights, thus resulting in the need for Groups or even small Raid Groups.
Whith no new Raids in the foreseeable future, this would satisfy both the casual players as well as the Kinships who would like a bit more of a challenge. These areas could be anything on the Eastern side of the Anduin south to almost Umbar. Corsairs, Orcs, Uruks, Trolls, Giant Spiders, boars... You name it. There vast patrols and armies beginning to move along the Eastern Shores of the Anduin.
Just an idea. Something my Kinship and I have spoke about and would like seen added to the game. If you like these idea give it a bump and lets get the Dev's onboard.