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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    I think I'm finally done with this conversation. It's making me crazy.

    Listen, he didn't say "we are relying entirely on player feedback for this issue" nor did he say "things are where we want them and we are only doing slight tweaks" nor did he say "my word on this is the final word."

    It's fully dawning on me how wanky 99% of this discussion is. People who don't know much about what's going on talking authoritatively and speculating and extrapolating, and going on and on at length about how their interpretation is the valid one. Claiming they know the minds of the developers based on flimsy or in some cases entirely non-existent information. I can't take it anymore.... gahhhhhhhhhhh
    I don't think anyone has claimed to know what the developers are thinking/saying beyond their own words. Yes, some things may be unduly implied... but at least in this thread I don't think it has gone beyond that... at least for my part... and I am one who routinely calls people out for making assumptions/extrapolations that can't really be proven by the evidence we have.

    In fact, I keep trying to make the point that we NEED to know more about what the developers are thinking. We NEED to know (or would like to know) what the developers' vision is... so that we (the players) can know... for instance... when the "balancing" meets the developers' intended goal.... heck, there is probably a multitude of helpful, constructive suggestions waiting to flow from the mouths of the players... but we don't know where the developers want to go with the balancing... thus, a little more communication on some key things would be helpful in tailoring our suggestions so that we achieve the goal.

    Personally, I am heartened by the fact that we now have an Exec Producer who seems to be more willing to engage with the players. He seems to be willing to make a far better attempt at bringing balance back to the game... not just balancing the classes, but balancing support for various aspects of the game.

    But, I'd be very interested to know what the vision of the developers is for the game... it is information that... without it... I am unable to determine what suggestions/advice would be most helpful to achieving that vision... let alone determining if that vision might need some tweaking as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BangoTwinkletoes View Post
    This thread keeps delving into the same old territory of trying to categorise gamers according to an arbitrary game style and even worse make judgements as to the future course of the game as a result. That is dangerous ground to say the least, notwithstanding the fact that some awfully large assumptions are being made by people without a shred of evidence to back it up.

    So, to try and move away from that I'd like people on this forum to consider the following:

    1. Given that Turbine are selling LOTRO in what is a very competitive market place, can anyone name me any top tier MMO (fantasy, sci-fi, don't mind) that does not have either raiding or pvp as part of it's core proposition?

    2. Given that the overall strategy pursued by the ex-producers was to downgrade raiding, group content and pvp (as evidenced by HD) and given that strategy was not exactly a roaring success, then what does that tell us as to what the game needs to refocus on?

    First and foremost the current executive producer needs to come up with a strategy that delivers two things - gets people playing again and it gets people spending money. I don't see any evidence that tells me that the solo oriented game that is HD was delivering those goods. Because without revenue, without people playing the game, spending money and telling their friends, family & colleagues to play the game, then the story is not going to be finished.

    So, let's stop putting LOTRO players into pigeon holes, making assumptions as to what % of players may or may not do in game and instead start to look at why the game is where it is now, because it's not in a good place) and what can be done to get it back on track - because I'd quite like to see the rest of the story too.

    Like so many posts, the first sentence of this one starts off strong and the second is a solid follow up. Then it goes and does exactly what it warns against. A lot of subjective comments.

    Unfortunately it's now pretty clear that we've exhausted the discussion of Aaron's letter (I did ask twice to stay on topic and please stop wandering off on tangents).


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