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    Isengard Instance Meta Deed Kin Recruitment

    Victorious Secret is going to be recruiting players who want their mains and alts to get the Isengard instance Meta deed for the titles and the Steed of Many Colors. The grind begins on the 1st of April and we are looking to get as many players involved in it as possible. To be eligible to run with us you must have at least one lvl 75 or above toon in the kin. You also must have or be willing to download raidcall as I give instruction via voice and Im NOT going to type it out. I want to make this fun for all and I want us to have a good time. If this group works out we may try to grind out some other instance cluster meta deeds. Contact any officer of Victorious Secret for details or to put a character into the kinship. Recruiting officers are as follows. Mastadame, Eldariniel, Belrani, Syndahlia, Legofin, Pwnography, and Illicitone.

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    If other people have suggestions I would be more than willing to hear them too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastadan View Post
    If other people have suggestions I would be more than willing to hear them too.
    hmm. sounds kinda cool. been figuring out what to do since i'm bored as all get out.

    i wouldn't mind running these on my champ, burg, hunter, and LM. if you see me on masta, hit me up on utinni or boushh, since i'm usually on either of those toons most of the time right now. looking for a new kin too. :P

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    wheew this is gonna be fun thank you for invite cant wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by BootyTyrant View Post
    wheew this is gonna be fun thank you for invite cant wait
    Wont have to wait much since we are gonna bust in some Rift of Nurz Gashu and some moria stuff for fun until the 1st of April.

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    Many people have already jumped on board with more expected. Hopefully the server can turn out some more. It may be lower lvl stuff but it keeps alive our raiding anyways. We are going to try to do everything with bare minimum groups so that we can at least try to maintain a semblance of difficulty. I want to make plenty of video for the learning experience for our kinnies and for the entertainment of others. I sincerely hope people keep joining and making this as big as we can.

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    Even after all this time, I still need F&F T2C and Shadow T2C, but I just doubt I can be online at any time your likely to run ToO.

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    I am actually working on putting another group together to do stuff much earlier in the day. I will also be on for most of the day for the first 2 weeks of april.



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