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    "Its the little things"

    I decided to use this title cause its one of the most used sentence in any of the patch notes.

    There is few thing that would IMHO improve the pvp itself, even some of them maybe already mentioned. *Not lag or balance*

    First thing:

    Elf camp/Orc camp

    I like what you have done with it, by merging them with some dof entrances, and i like them being an out of combat saviour sometimes.
    But, finger in the eye for me are those fences. I liked before how you could jump of the wall outside. Now, its just a prison if u get in there while in combat.
    Second thing about them - their position. Not sure if that worked exactly how you planned, but their old positons were much better. South bridge and west bridge to Tol fights were epic at the time. Now we only got, besides GV and Grams camping routes, GY to EC/OC fights.

    Second thing:
    NPCs guarding BLUE outposts (not sure if its for red ones too, but afaik its not).

    ATM there are npcs within the npcs, so twice or even 3 times their normal number that just come out of each other whenever you come close.
    That can be a little pain in the ching-ching, cause as a Monster player you will probably need lot more time to kill them, to proceed to Captain General of an Outpost.

    There is alot more things i can tell, that needs to be improved, but they are more under Balance or Lag category.
    Feel free to add something similar that you noticed yourself.

    Thank you, cheers.
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    Unless stated otherwise, all content in this post is My Personal Opinion.

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    Sounds reasonable.
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