Hey guys any Tribes interested in organized 12 v 12 or 6 v 6 battles

I think it’s a positive way to show kin/tribe pride and a lot of fun and some healthy competition and alittle smack talk


  1. both leaders would been vent, Teamspeak etc
  2. kin /tribe only ..I would consider maybe 2 outsiders if both leaders agree just to fill spots
  3. any outside interference void competition
  4. balanced groups 2 of each class or as long as both sides are close to balanced
  5. no macro or exploiting skills
  6. I would like volunteers from both sides to insure no zergs or warg/burg interference
  7. And everyone would agree to being video/picture and posting fourms

    Please message me if any tribes are interested or kin wants to get in if it
    Goes well and I get a good response I could make up some brackets and really have a lot of fun with it