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Thread: kin vs tribe

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    kin vs tribe

    Hey guys any Tribes interested in organized 12 v 12 or 6 v 6 battles

    I think it’s a positive way to show kin/tribe pride and a lot of fun and some healthy competition and alittle smack talk


    1. both leaders would been vent, Teamspeak etc
    2. kin /tribe only ..I would consider maybe 2 outsiders if both leaders agree just to fill spots
    3. any outside interference void competition
    4. balanced groups 2 of each class or as long as both sides are close to balanced
    5. no macro or exploiting skills
    6. I would like volunteers from both sides to insure no zergs or warg/burg interference
    7. And everyone would agree to being video/picture and posting fourms

      Please message me if any tribes are interested or kin wants to get in if it
      Goes well and I get a good response I could make up some brackets and really have a lot of fun with it
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    Good luck. Similar ideas have been put forward in the past, but met with a good bit of resistance. Maybe times have changed.

    Y'all going to fight somewhere like the old river op? Might be a little unfair to have good action in high traffic areas and not expect others to join in.
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    Agreed, good luck with that.

    I'm not sure there are any tribes that have enough active members or member numbers with high enough rank to make the fights competitive.

    Not that it's a bad idea, I just think it will be tough to get it done.

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    I'm sure GS would be in...
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    Elkhunter welcome to Landroval.

    This was tried many times and has

    A. Failed from the get go.

    B. Got Ganked before the fights could be put together.

    C. Ganked while the fights were on.

    We had a 6v6 thing that happened once it was fun but it never caught on.

    This game is not conducive to this sort of fighting.

    Again good luck but a good judgement on how this will turn out is look at the movie that they tried to make in the Ettenmoors.

    It got "GANKED" into oblivion.

    Unless I am mistaken thier are only a handful of tribes that could field such a fight and by my judgement alone none of them would be interested.

    If I can suggest 2 that might be interested it would ve Attrocity and that tribe Nymerica is in.

    My 2 cents.

    On that note where and when do I sign up for this is sounds like a ton of fun.

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    We will, we will bite you!

    If this is taken off the beaten track it may work out, if it is at GTA it will be raided again and again.

    And Ugly is right, Even a movie that was being done out of the way and for fun featuring both sides was interrupted and destroyed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allaster1 View Post
    Elkhunter welcome to Landroval.

    This game is not conducive to this sort of fighting.
    Agreed with everything you said other than this. Should be changed to The PLAYERS in this game make it not conducive to this sort of fighting.

    Also, the tribe I'm in would be lucky to field a 3 man squad so we would more than likely have to pull up BT, Ugly and Necksnappers from the developmental leagues :P

    Lastly, if something like this arranged 6v6 were to happen I would recommend keeping it between just the players involved and not broadcasting it. Ive been in a few organized group fights that went off without a hitch because 1) the only people that knew it was going on were the people involved and, even then, some people were kept in the dark until just before the fight started and 2) it was at Old Plains OP and out of the way.

    Best of luck and I hope some fights happen.
    Warg- Nymerica
    RK- Nym.....ehhh nevermind.



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