I thought I'd introduce myself, as I'm new to Laurelin and I'd like to find some people to roleplay with. I didn't even realise that LOTR had RP servers when I first rolled, so I have a lvl 68 character on Withywindle, but rather than shelling out to move her here, I thought I'd start again and RP through the levelling process (I used to play WoW, and that was by far the most fun I had, much better than all the end-game testosterone). So, I'm now a mannish champion by the name of Deredan (I don't know how to change my forum identity, it still says Aledhiel at the top which is my female elf minstrel on Withywindle); Deredan is from Gondor, but his family has long-established links to the north, and his mother is a woman of the northern Dunedain. He's come north at his father's urging, to offer what aid he can to the Rangers and the other free folk that live here.

I have fairly intermittent availabilities, so I'm probably not a good candidate for RPing any major epic storylines, but I'm in character all the time, and I love to interact IC with anyone I meet. I'm speaking mainly from my experience playing WoW, as I've been levelling in a very solitary manner over on Withywindle, and I don't even have much of a grasp on using the social functions of the game yet! However, I'd be very interested in joining a kinship where I could make a contribution to an immersive, in-character community; I've been a Tolkien fan for nearly 40 years, and I'm not prone to god-moding or overly grandiose affectations in my RP, so I should be able to fit in well enough. RL precludes me making many firm in-game commitments, but I'd like to find a community where I can find regular opportunities for IC social events and gatherings, as well as casual interactions and levelling mates (although I shall also endeavour to make friends with everyone I meet wandering around).

Any suggestions regarding kinships that might have a place for me would be greatly appreciated; if you're reading this, then I hope to meet you in-world as soon as possible!