Guardian here switching to heavy war steed looking for tips. One thiing I noticed is that there are some nice toggle skills, but I run out of power if I leave them all on. I switched to having just the damage skill toggled on and that went better. But how do you manage power use best?

Also wondering what to put on the bridle. I have a third age for now. I need to craft some relics. I have tone of relics saved up that I can get shards with. I am in the process of trying to get end game gear. I know you don't really need it, but I am an altoholic so I've never done the end game grind. I am ready to do that now since we have no expansion this year. I wil get to use my end game stuff for a while. Any tips on how to make an end game heavy bridle are much appreciated. Right now on my bridle I have red dawn damage and power usage then several minor skills like steed power, str, ag, maybe armor I don't remember exactly. Are there worthwhile major skills specific to the heavy bridle? I have not been finding heavy bridles to decon so I don't know which skills to look for. Or are the steed ag, armor, power, etc better?