Hi, everyone. I'm just looking for some advice here.

This coming Friday, I will hit a milestone birthday in my life -- the big and scary three-O. Instead of being the hermit gamer I have been the last several years, I wanted to do something more social. (My last milestone, at 21, I hosted a D&D game that went all night long. It was awesome.) So I decided to pull together a fellowship in LOTRO for questing/skirmishes/etc. comprised of both friends who play regularly and those who had to make a new character just for the occasion. I stipulated that they should be at least level 20 and gotten the skirmish tutorials out of the way. We've got about 6 hours slotted on Saturday for this, and as I usually solo/duo in LOTRO, I really need some advice from people on what group content we might enjoy tackling. This is our party, give or take some of the 20-somethings* who may level a little higher:

My Loremaster, 56
Captain, 50
Runekeeper, 28
Warden, 24*
Champion, 22
Burglar, 20*

Any suggestions are welcome. Not being VIP, I also do not own a lot of the purchasable group content and would need to buy it. I'll likely wait until Thursday to see if any of it goes on sale before making a purchase, being a spendthrift when it comes to buying TP. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply!