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    PvP Warden Trait Line

    So I brought my Warden back into the Moors a few days ago and haven't brought him before since RoR. I was just wondering what the best trait tree combination works best for the Wardens who PvP. Right now I'm sticking with mostly red and about 10-16 points into yellow.

    Another question is what do you other Wardens do for your rotations in red lines? Since my go-to skill rotation was kind of taken away from me from RoR, I need to find out a good rotation that works well.

    Any advice/input is very much appreciated.

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    I hope others respond...I am curious as well.

    I have not experimented much with red-line in the moors, but I like using blue-line with 10 points or so in red-line.

    With the light damage boosts, I spam fist/shield (war cry, brink of victory, surety of death, desolation) gambits and it seems to cause a lot of damage. If I need healing the shield/spear gambits sustain me well and never-surrender is a great safeguard.

    I am only rank 6 so I do not know much about the Moors yet, so I would love input from more seasoned Wardens.
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    As far as I'm concerned, there is only one trait line. Red. There's this T3 trait in blue that gives +20% light damage, might want to get it.
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    I specialize in Red line (Recklessness line), with 33 points spent in Red tree and 32 in Blue tree. The 32 in Blue give me 20% more light-damage and a few other bits and bobs I like a lot.

    Using Spear of Virtue gambit line is the way to go for your initial rotation, very high damage with a chance at applying a 2nd bleed. After that follow it up with Power Attack line or other filler. You shouldn't have to heal all that much and I find if I have to heal, without the +pulses (being in red line, it's not really possible to get that trait) your heals do very little anyway, if I find myself needing to heal it's because there's 3-6 enemies on me, at which point a 5k heal for a tier 5 gambit isn't going to do a lot. DPS through it and pop Never Surrender, you should be ok. This is where it's handy being an elf for the parry racial, wish I'd considered that before-hand, given how lack-luster Strength of Morale is now.

    Anyway, Wardens even after the spear bleed damage "nerf" are in a good place and dps is still top-tier, just work out a solid rotation and do your best not to heal unless it's really necessary, you'll learn better. Healing tends to be insanely over-kill vs 1-2 enemies.

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    Even though I recently got my green tag, I still feel like a bit of a rookie in the moors these days.

    First, I usually trait yellow/assailment not because I find it more effective, but because of play style. I know some might interpret it as being a raid-baby, but there is nothing so frustrating to me as running around chasing creeps trying to build a gambit in melee and getting lots of "target not in range" and/or messing up the timing of using builders and masteries and having to wipe the gambit clean. I've tried mouse turning over and over and I must just be too set in my ways to pick it up (if you're really good at it, I'm sure red is more attractive). Being in assailment allows me to build gambits reliably and smoothly while staying mobile and not getting so frustrated. Most of the time, I just have more fun in ranged stance.

    I also find my trait tree depends heavily upon what type of fighting I'm doing. Most of the time I'm in yellow/assailment because I'm with 1-6 kinmates in a group (sometimes in conjunction with fraids, but rarely in the raid) fighting craid/creep groups. Here I trait yellow because of the above reason and the additional AoE tagging ability of assailment (JoDF, Marked Target, Diminished Target, EoB, Resounding Challenge, Desolation). I still have the flexibility to switch stances if the situation dictates; sometimes I dart into melee and ranged stances/situations. I love snapshot-ambush; again perhaps fun winning over effectiveness. I still tinker with some of the trait points here, but I usually put a few into blue for restoration healing, and a few into red for bleed related stuff. Happy to hear suggestions here.

    If I know the battlefield of the day is fighting small 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 type fights I rely heavily on the red line, and as others have said, trait enough into blue line to get the extra light damage. The single target bleed stacking is pretty fabulous from my experience; I use similar rotations of spear of virtue, power attack, and also the desolation line.

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    I run the red line tree with 31 points spent in Red and 34 points spent in Yellow. This gives you +20% Light damage, +10% DoT crit chance, +20% more DoT Critical Damage, +2.5% Crit Chance from the Red Tree, +5% Melee, Ranged, and Tactical Crit Chance from bulls eye in Yellow line, -12.5% Phys Mitigation debuff for Marked Target, -8.5% Tact Mitigation Debuff for Diminished Target. Overall, this gives you base 32.5% Crit chance, and your light DoT's will crit a full audacity creep for approximately 4K per tick. I believe the +10% DoT Crit chance adds to the 32.5% base on the ticks so your light DoTs are critting at close to 42.5% give or take. At least combat analysis shows this. In addition, your Devastates cap at 10% and add to your crits, but generally show up far lower than 10% in CA because so many of your attacks are light DoTs, and the DoTs don't Devastate ever.

    For Virtues, run all Resistance. You can resist approximately 35% of ill effects, which is 35% less damage, give or take from bleeds and DoTs on you so you take less damage. As stated above in another post, don't waste time healing. You get a small passive heal for every parry you make, and the idea is to light the opponent up as brightly and quickly as you can. Finishers suck so don't waste time building to them. Start with a t5 light DoT from Desolation, then down Spear of Virtue line from top to Piercing Strike, followed by Unerring Strike, Defensive strike for potency, and double up on Onslaught or Adroit Man for a 25% inc heal debuff if you have the Spear Lord 4 set bonus. Very handy against reavers using wrath and warleaders and defilers.

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    I'm having trouble getting that level of crit percent. What is is your crit rating at?

    Could you post more on where you spent your points?


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    I prefer 31 in red and the rest of my points in blue. The crit chance trait from yellow is nice, but bane of shadow is just too good to pass up from blue. 20% more damage on our hardest hitting skills, yes please. The mastery reset on evade is also awesome and and DC will be worth having now that it procs the mit buff off creeps in u13.

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    What is the best way to get my crit rating up? I have 4100 AGI and am stuck around 12,000 crit rating. I have full Pvp gear and jewelry from BBs. Do I need to stack some more fate stuff? I've generally ignored fate stats on the BB jewelry.



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