The Noobenóreans are now recruiting!

Please be sure you meet ALL of the following requirements before posting your application on our website.

Minimum application criteria:

1. 18 years of age;
2. Use of microphone with Ventrilo Voicechat; and
3. Agree to the Noobenórean nature.

The Noobenórean Nature:

1. Having fun by all means possible and/or legal;

2. Mutual aid through crafting, completing content, etc;

3. Fraternity through communication, participation and inclusion;

4. Player driven content; and

5. Interaction with the Silverlode community.

We are a new kinship comprised of seasoned players from a veteran kinship that has sailed into the west. Some of us have played together since the First Age, or at least 2008. As such, our kinship is new in name but mature in nature. We see LOTRO as more than the end game of top-tier items, optimized character stats and serious bling, but as a play experience. There is enjoyment to be had in exploring all of the game world in fraternity through player driven content. The challenge is not always in the instance but in how you play it.

What is player driven content? In short, it is story driven and player generated campaigns drawn from all LOTRO content. We use a referee (or Game Master in pen & paper RPG terms) to provide play options within a structure of landscape and instance interaction. It is closer to traditional pen & paper role playing games in how player choices and play outcomes can branch out into new adventures. Because not all LOTRO instances and landscape is scaled (yet!), players instead scale to the instance (self-nerf). Our first campaign kicks off when we reach a critical mass of players to run all content again.

While there will always be an active campaign, Noobenórean activity is not limited to the campaign alone. Player driven content is only one facet of being a Noobenórean and only one way of having fun. We provide mutual aid by helping to level, crafting gear, completing quests & deeds, and tackling top-tier content for challenge and spoils. Each week we aim to brave the walls of Helm’s Deep, challenge raids at level cap and lay siege to forts in the Moors. All this in addition to the active campaign.

We aren’t for power gamers, we’re for power players.

If the Noobenórean Nature interests you, apply here.


If you have come here to apply, there are some things you should do first.

- Visit our portal page, at
- Browse our forums. See if you think this is the place for you.
- Check out other applications. See how those went, and what was discussed.
- Think if there are any questions you would like to ask. You definitely should have some.


Simply post a new topic in this section. Be descriptive! This is us getting to know you. Who you are, why you are playing LOTRO, what you want out of the game and your kinmates, what we can expect from you, personality quirks, etc. Anything you think is relevant. We need to get to know you and be comfortable with you as a person first, player second. Not all personalities *click*, that’s just life.

We may invite you to groups / raids / events, or just banter about on the forums for a while, giving our membership time to chew on you. Either way, it is not likely to be a lightning quick process. Days certainly, a week or two possibly, but definitely by the Fourth Age. This is also by design. Those who do their research, and see just how different a Noobenórean is, understand that joining is worth the wait. Those who join on a whim or don’t understand our play style are likely to leave just as quickly.

Noobenórean Officers to PM in game:


See you on Silverlode! Come on in and get loaded!