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Thread: The UI settings

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    The UI settings

    Is there a good site or article that tells you what the various UI settings in LOTRO do. Most of them are reasonably obvious but some of them are not. There does not seem to be any discriptions on the official site.

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    There should be descriptions of what each setting does when you mouse over it. Most of the time they will be clear, but for some (especially the advanced graphics settings) they won't be clear without some knowledge on the subject. If you find a specific setting you don't understand feel free to ask about it.
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    A few of the settings may have had their meanings or use changed over the years so be mindful that some of them may not work as describe in 3d party sites/wikis.

    Some are also dependent on what kind of hardware/graphics card and O/S you are using along with other software you may have installed like TS/Vent.

    ex: Ducking

    This is where lower priority sounds drop off when an higher priority sounds kicks in. There is no provision for this in LOTRO but TS/Vent and Windows all have Ducking options. When some of those are enabled it can cause LOTRO sounds to have variable volume and you move the sound sliders thinking that will "solve" the sound issue when it's actually Ducking that's enabled and causing sound fluctuations.

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