I am creating a new female elf character, as my old one was bugging me too much as I had started her long ago and rushed the facial combination. Result - over-smoochy lips and general unsightlyness. Now that I am taking the time to browse through all the options, I am realizing how there are SO MANY OPTIONS for facial looks, especially head and mouth combination. I have deleted my character...ummm...37 times before lvl7 due to dislike of my combo. Do any of you have female elves you think are beautiful and look really good? If you do, I would love to see close-to-medium range front view pic, 3/4 view pic, and side view pic to help me with my elf combo. Or just front and side view. Even if there are no pictures, suggestions would be nice.

P.S. I have heard very vague rumours that slight changes were being made to the avatars come Update 13. My computer is still downloading, so has anyone noticed said changes? (I may be completely wrong here.)