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Thread: Filer tagging

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    Filer tagging

    First, knock it off sokrat.

    Second, the heal taggin should be once the HoT expires, the tag is removed. What is the case currently?
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    qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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    I'd like to see gold tagging heals expire when the HoT expires. Seems fair.

    Edit: It's not right when lame filers sit in grams and put one HoT on everyone and then get infamy on whoever they kill...what is the range of this tagging?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantos View Post
    qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
    This was, by far, the most informative post I have ever read on the Dwarrowdelf forums.
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    Mordem classes on both sides (freeps and creeps) have heal tagged since the beginning of the moors. You can't expect the rules to get changed just because you get mad at a filer. Turbine changed it a while back (I don't remember when) to where you can get infamy even when said creep/freep that you HoTed goes out of range and kills someone, and other things to add to that. And also, calling out a player over a public forum is just rude.
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    if I had a filer, I would healtag EVERY.SINGLE.CREEP.I.SEE.
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    If it wasn't for my gf I'd quit playing creep 100% until Sokrat, Krankshow (what ever that WL is), Redcross, etc leaves. The heal tagging plague is worse than ever before.

    Also I wonder how many of these people don't understand what they're doing? I know some like Sokrat just don't give a ####, but I'm sure some are new to healing and don't understand the mechanics of tagging.
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    Sokrat may not be the best defiler but saves lives and is still better than you mordem noqq...also if you don't want to be tagged then wait for the tag to wear off lmao
    There is a time limit on the tag after the last heal tick if you guys didn't know that.

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    Remember the good old days when contribution actually had an effect on renown and healers couldn't tag?

    Off to go cry while I think about how much fun it was compared to now...



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