The Crimson Cross is a gaming community that focuses on making the most of the game experience for all its members. We're united in our belief that the enjoyment from online games comes from the friendships and relationships that are made during our time in these virtual worlds. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed environment free from typical guild drama, politics, and elitism. We accept that people make mistakes, and laugh off the deaths instead of yelling at the person who screwed up. We focus on improving the guild as a whole, not just the most active players/leaders because we're strongest when we work as a team. And throughout all the games that the Crimson Cross has been on, we have always been known as a great place for new players.

We are undergoing a rebuilding of sorts as many regular players have gone on hiatus or are focusing on other games. We are a very helpful group and would like to get some new names and faces to grow with. We're a max rank kinship with all the perks.

Please give Alorowyn or Jebby an in game mail or feel free to look us up on the web at if you're interested.