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    Jun 2011
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Congratz Commander Gorgothil !

    Idk if any CRK wanted to post this but w/e !
    Gratz another spider on top of Withy, and well deserved rank.

    Rank 12 skin is nice, let's see who can get it first (you ofc)

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    Grats Gorg, didn't notice you'd ranked, well deserved! Now can you both log more and fight it out for first spider to r12 plz!

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    Jun 2011
    Dublin, Ireland
    Gratz Gorgothil and gl with your next rank

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    Congratulations, always a nice feeling when getting to a rank like this. Good luck with r12, but beware it's a long and dangerous road.

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    big gratz Gorgo, always nice to see you debuffing our forces to death
    good luck with next rank, probably you'll rank before me..xD

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    gz for your rank,goodluck with next one

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    Dec 2011
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Congrats, Gorgothil... a long time coming, and well-deserved

    -- Bralg

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    Gratz Gorgo,well done

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    Well done Gerbag, always a plesure to fight alonside with you.

    R12 is a long way, but i hope you go for it honestly (:

    Good luck!

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    Good Job! Best Spider @ the Server!

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    Jun 2011
    South Africa
    Gz Gorgothil GL with r12

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    Jun 2011
    Czech Republic
    Thanks for all the kind words everyone,

    r12 will be a long trip, cause im ranking slug

    P.S. Nice to see good ol' withywindlers here, i hope someday you'll join us again.

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    Gz Gorgo!! Gl with next rank!

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    Grats Gorg <3 Spider isn't so fun now, hope you get a bit of a boost next update (LOL) grats though and keep spinning to next rank!

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    Gratz Gorgo on commander rank, + respect for playing a class that its not that bad, still much harder to solo then RoR.

    Gl for the race of the 1st spider r12 on Withy ^^

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    GZ Gorgo. We need more spiders like you

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    Jun 2011
    Big Grats



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