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    Upcoming Events from Windy Acres Ranch

    Greetings, adventurers!

    Windy Acres Ranch is hosting three events in the next month. The first will take place tomorrow!

    Join us for the Shadowfax Sprint, a challenging war steed race at Minas Eriol!

    Meet at the Forsaken Inn at 2:30pm EST/servertime on Saturday, February 22.

    This is a race for all war steeds. Choose the best combination of attributes, equip your
    best tack, train your equestrian skills, and compete with veteran riders to win 25 gold
    and 1,000 Turbine Points!

    Click here for more information on the Shadowfax Sprint.

    Next Saturday, we'll return with more amazing equestrian events...

    Join us for a mounted procession in festive style!

    We will ride from the Prancing Pony to the Horsefields, listen to carnival music, watch a
    demonstration by the Formation Riding Team, enjoy a war steed parade, and compete in
    an equestrian trivia contest to win a Steed of the First Marshal!

    Meet at the Prancing Pony on Saturday March 1 at 2:30pm EST/servertime.

    Please wear a wild outfit in the traditional colors of green, gold and purple.
    Standard (+62%) steeds will work best for the mounted procession to the Horsefields.

    Click here for more information on the Carnival Ride.

    And for the grand finale...

    Join us for a Solve-A-Mystery roleplay event!
    Meet at 9 Chestnut Street on Saturday, March 15 at 4:00pm EST/servertime.

    Solve a mystery, roleplay, and enjoy fine music by The Remediators!

    The event features a detailed mystery story and is open to characters of all levels.
    The game is designed to be played by any number people. The event will last about 2 hours.
    During the game, our actors will portray suspects in a mystery story.
    You will roleplay a Bounder, Ranger, sheriff, and other person appointed to investigate.
    Clues are gained by examining evidence and interviewing the suspects.
    The suspects and evidence will be located at five different, adjacent houses.

    After completing your investigation, tell the host who the culprit is and why they commit the crime.
    The first three who correctly solve the mystery win Turbine Points and other amazing prizes!

    Please dress appropriately as a guest at an Ice Wine Festival or as an investigator.
    Leave weapons larger than daggers at home. Pets should be kept outdoors. Thank you!

    Click here for more information about the Solve-A-Mystery roleplay event.

    If you have questions about these events, feel free to contact Kiralynn on Landroval in-game
    or send an email to kiralynn@roll3d6.com -- We hope to see you there!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    The last horse race of the regular season took place on Saturday, February 22nd. Seven riders braved the pouring rain and the dangerous ruins of Minas Eriol to participate in this year’s Shadowfax Sprint, named for the famous Mearas of Rohan.

    At the starting line, racing fans cheered for Byrcha on Wheatberry, Cirthalon on Idhron, Junglist on Rudeboy, Kikilaa on Keely, Mellime on Bacon, Mornareth on Shadowdance, and Rozalinde on Beanblossom.

    The constant rain made the stones slick and treacherous at the ruins, so standard steeds were used for the pace lap. The low, rumbling thunder and chill wind kept most of the goblins out of sight, taking shelter in their wretched hiding places. The race route included steep stair climbs, narrow bridge crossings over deep chasms, navigating ruins, challenging the Dourhands of Mithrenost, and navigating narrow cliff trails.

    The first rider to successfully navigate the course and cross the finish line was rookie rider Cirthalon on blonde light war steed Idhron.

    Mornareth and her black war steed Shadowdance galloped across the finish line a dozen lengths behind.

    Finishing out the top three, Mellime brought war pony Bacon across the finish line carrying enough produce to properly celebrate the successful ride.

    Junglist seemed to have difficulty navigating the ruins. Byrcha’s pony took a stumble and Kikilaa’s pony displayed a stubborn dislike of goblins. Rozalinde’s steed slid off a bridge, forcing her to fend off hungry, man-eating spiders. Fortunately, all riders eventually returned to the Forsaken Inn.

    The regular season standings have been published. The following riders are pre-qualified to participate in the Bree Cup Championship race taking place in May — Kikilaa, Cirthalon, Eliwren, Artemieth, Hoboin, Louellana, Mornareth, Tinylea, Craicwyth, Gonda, Limilniel, Mellime and Meneladan. Additional qualifier races will take place in April.

    Many thanks to Craicwyth, Rimbli, Synerie and Geoffroi for judging! Without volunteers, horse racing wouldn’t be possible. Special thanks to Sapience and Turbine for providing the Turbine Point prizes.

    The next event on the Windy Acres calendar is the Carnival Ride, scheduled for March 1st at 2:30pm EST/servertime. Meet at the Prancing Pony for a mounted procession in Mardi Gras style. We hope to see you there!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    The Remediators gonna be playin' the Fais Do-do at the Carnival Ride come Saturday, podna! Lots of the Zydeco, dancin' until vos pattes cry out "Oo ye yi!".

    Comon, Cuz, join the parade at the Prancing Pony in Bree-town on Saturday, March 1, at 2:30pm Servertime. Be a bit early, c'est bon.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    [SIZE=2][B][I]Concerts, Crafting, Cosmetics, Horse Races, Chicken Runs, Role Play, Exploration, Screenshots, Video Capture, ... Oh, yeah, and some fighting the forces of evil bent on world domination and tyranny. [/I][/B][/SIZE]

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    Thank you to everyone who attended the Carnival Ride!

    Here is the wonderful band, The Remediators.

    Here is Kieraneshe on the Steed of the First Marshal that she won. Congratulations!

    In the trivia contest, Kieraneshe won first place with 15 points, Celkat won second place with 14 points, Kytlyss won third place with 10 points, and Amberflower received an honorable mention with 7 points. Kaerri, Draggoul, and Zalana also demonstrated quite a bit of knowledge in equestrian lore.

    Special thanks to The Remediators for fantastic music. Well done, formation riding team!

    Feel free to reply with your own screenshots of the event.

    We hope to see you for our next event, the Solve-A-Mystery roleplay contest on March 15. The event begins at 4:00pm EST/server. Show up early for fireworks and music by Die Meisterbarden von Bree!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Here is more information about the upcoming Solve-A-Mystery roleplay event, scheduled for March 15 at 4:00pm EST/servertime.

    At the beginning of these events, we explain how the contest works, introduce the story, and then start roleplaying. Die Meisterbarden von Bree will be there, playing wonderful music and welcoming you to the event. Feel free to show up early to enjoy the music.

    This game is very similar to Murder Mystery dinner parties. It has a theme, a specific story, clues to be found through interaction, and a single correct solution. Most Murder Mystery games are designed so that each guest takes the role of a suspect. The suspects spend the evening interviewing each other, then submit their guess as to "who done it". This format limits the number of people who can play. Instead, we use volunteer actors to play the suspects. This allows us to invite any number of guests to play the game. There is no limit to how many guests can interview suspects, search for clues, and try to solve the mystery.

    The suspects are given specific clues to reveal to people who ask the right questions. The actors aren't sure which of them is the guilty suspect. They'll do their best to lay the blame on each other. After one hour of investigation, everyone meets back up at the mansion and the solution to the story is revealed. The guilty suspect is then /mocked, pelted with Rotten Fruit, and otherwise chided by the crowd. After he or she is escorted away, we continue the party and concert. The Remediators will play music during the second half of the event.

    Our first solve-a-mystery was "Mrs. Pott's Missing Pastries", or "The Perturbing Paradox of the Purloined Pecan Pies".
    Our second game was "Mr. Umbridge's Harrowing Hoax", or "The Tantalizing Tale of Terrible Trepidation by Trickery of Two Trolls".
    The name of this mystery story is "Secret of the Cold Spirits", or "The Compelling Case of the Corrupt Counselor's Craven Kidnapping".

    The setting for the story is an annual Ice Wine festival hosted by Mr. Marlow Toper at his mansion (kinhouse).

    Participants will roleplay as wealthy, elite party guests who have decided to tackle the mystery, or investigators who have been called in to solve the crime. How you dress and roleplay depends on which of these roles you'd like to take.

    Further details will be explained once the event begins.
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Greetings, investigators!

    The solve-a-mystery roleplay event is this Saturday at 4:00pm EDT/servertime on Landroval. Meet at Windy Acres — 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads. Here are some tips that can help you win the grand prize of 1,500 Turbine Points!

    Each of the five suspects in the mystery will be located inside their home. The homes are located in the northwest area of the neighborhood, not far from the kinhouse. Items in each yard will help you identify who is inside.

    * 3 Fountain Street is the home of Veriek the banker. It is located just east of the mansion, at the end of a narrow path. There is a boar fountain in this yard.

    * 3 Garden Street is the rental property of Nimyl the party crasher. It is just south of the banker’s house. There is a hammock between two trees out front, along with a wooden beaver carving.

    * 4 Garden Street is the rental house of Yahr the merchant. It is located at the edge of the pond. There is a dwarf property guard and a cave claw out front.

    * 7 Chestnut Street is the home of Prudy the farmer. It is located down the hill at the water’s edge. You will find a vegetable garden and produce stand in this yard.

    * 8 Chestnut Street is the home of Lhutha, Mr. Toper’s younger sister. It is located next door to the mansion. You will see a Luthien statue in her yard.

    * 9 Chestnut Street is the mansion owned by Mr. Marlow Toper. It is the scene of the crime. It is the largest building, with a Lórien lamp and swan fountain out front. Once the mystery is solved, the Ice Wine festival will take place here.

    If you get lost, you can ask Lindorieh and Bittercress the Road Wardens for directions.

    Here is a map showing the location of the suspect’s homes.

    Here are some tips from Chief Investigator Eliwren.
    Don’t spend too much time with one suspect. Make sure that you have time to interview all five of them. Listen to what other investigators ask and pay attention to the answers. If there are too many investigators at one house, move on to the next and return later. Keep notes of any clues you find. Ask specific questions if you want useful answers. You must determine who commit the crime and why they did it. Report your findings to Kiralynn before time runs out. You will have one hour to complete your investigation.
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Secret of the Cold Spirits Revealed!

    Windy Acres Ranch hosted their third solve-a-mystery roleplay event on Saturday, the 15th of March. “Die Meisterbarden von Bree” and “The Remediators” arrived to play amazing, mystery-themed music. Fireworks sparkled high in the sky to welcome arriving guests. Nine actors played key roles in the story, revealing clues to skilled investigators. Each participant tried to discover who kidnapped Mr. Marlow Toper and piece together a motive. Read further to discover the Secret of the Cold Spirits!

    Chief Investigator Eliwren introduced the story to participants.

    “Greetings, investigators! A crime has occurred here in Raglan and we need your assistance. The victim is Mr. Marlow Toper, a retired barrister. Guests were gathering for his annual Ice Wine Festival when he was discovered to be missing.
    There are a few drops of blood in his bedroom and a few more near the front door. Furniture was knocked over but not broken. In addition, the shipment of ice wine is missing – the crate is empty!
    The scene of the crime is here at 9 Chestnut Street. We don’t know if Mr. Toper is alive or dead, so we must solve this mystery quickly. I have narrowed our investigation down to five suspects.
    Each suspect has been confined to a house for the duration of this investigation. I ask that you interview them, look at the evidence, and determine what took place. Who is responsible for this contemptible crime and why did they do it?
    Our suspects are Lhutha, Veriek, Nimyl, Yahr and Prudy. You can find them at the cabin at #7 Chestnut Street, the lodge at #8 Chestnut Street, the cottage at #3 Garden Street, the lake house at #4 Garden Street, and the home at #3 Fountain Street.
    If you get lost, speak to me or a road warden. Please return here when you are finished with your investigation. The festival cannot continue until the mystery is solved!”

    Lhutha, Mr. Toper’s adopted younger sister, was found hiding a ransom note on her person. Mr. Toper had been a cruel and resentful brother. Lhutha knew that he had shady business dealings which caused a great deal of hardship to innocent victims. Lhutha stood to inherit the family fortune. Did she murder Mr. Toper and write a fake ransom note to cover the crime? Investigators cornered her and pressed for clues.

    Veriek, a wealthy banker known for his ruthless lending practices, was a likely suspect. He was found carrying the key to Mr. Toper’s secret vault! Mr. Toper would never let the key out of his sight… or would he? It was Veriek himself who called the Bree town guard when he found Lhutha upstairs in Mr. Toper’s bedroom, standing by overturned furniture and several drops of blood. Veriek maintained his innocence despite aggressive questioning.

    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Nimyl was a party crasher who snuck into the Ice Wine festival using a stolen invitation. She wore a festival mask to conceal her identity. The city guard discovered one of Mr. Toper’s gold cloak clasps in her pocket. Rumors suggested that she was a member of the Chetwood brigands. Investigators wondered if she had been hired to locate the secret vault. Others suggested that Mr. Toper caught her in the act and had to be done away with.

    Prudy had lost her farm years ago when she was unable to repay a loan from Veriek. It was Mr. Toper who foreclosed on her property and rented it back to her for an exorbitant fee. She was never able to save up enough money to buy it back. Prudy was found with the foreclosure document and a large amount of gold in her satchel. Had the resentful hobbit found Mr. Toper’s secret vault?

    Yahr the Merchant had brought ice wine to sell to Mr. Toper for the festival. Rumor had it that Mr. Toper underpaid Yahr and forced him to accept the new deal. Yahr’s henchmen had been seen on the property earlier in the day, pushing a cart with a large keg of ale. Yahr’s shirt sleeve was torn and there were a few drops of blood on the front of his tunic. Had he murdered Mr. Toper, and if so, why?

    Dozens of investigators visited each of the suspects and questioned them thoroughly. After an hour, the mystery was solved!
    Lhutha had found the ransom note in Mr. Toper’s bedroom but concealed it. She assumed that if no one paid the ransom, Mr. Toper would disappear forever. Lhutha thought the world would be better off without him. Besides, there was no guaranteed that the kidnappers would return her brother no matter how much money she gave them.

    Veriek had been given the key to the secret vault by Mr. Toper the night before. While having drinks at the Prancing Pony, Mr. Toper had noticed a stranger watching him closely and become nervous. He slipped Veriek the key for safe keeping. That stranger turned out to be Nimyl, planning to infiltrate the party and hunt for the secret vault. Veriek would never turn against Mr. Toper, as the two were involved in numerous profitable business dealings. They also had more than enough evidence to blackmail each other, so both men wanted to keep the peace.

    Nimyl had learned about the festival and the secret vault by listening to Veriek and Mr. Toper gossip at the Prancing Pony. She had been a scholar until the Chetwood brigands had robbed her home, stealing rare books and expensive equipment. Nimyl harbored deep resentment for people who gain their wealth by cheating others, and who spend it on frivolous parties when they could be aiding needy members of their community. She tricked her way into the party, intending to rob Mr. Toper, but she never found the vault.

    Prudy had recently received a great gift. Her farm hands had been saving money since the property was foreclosed. They offered her a small sack of gold, enough to buy back the farm, if she would run it as a cooperative. Prudy agreed without hesitation. She looked forward to throwing the loan paperwork in Mr. Toper’s face and buying back her beloved fields of grain. Sadly, Mr. Toper was nowhere to be found.

    Prudy: “I told you it wasn’t me!”
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    He was, in fact, tied up out in the woods, guarded by Yahr’s henchmen! Earlier that morning, Yahr and his dwarves had kidnapped Mr. Toper. During the struggle, furniture was knocked over. Yahr punched Mr. Toper in the face to subdue him, giving him a bloody nose. The henchmen concealed their victim in a large, empty keg and hauled him away in the wagon. Yahr left a ransom note in the upstairs bedroom. The merchant wanted the Toper family to pay the amount he had been shorted on the Ice Wine sale. He never imagined that Lhutha would find the ransom note and hide it. He went to the party to try and figure out why no one had delivered the required gold according to the directions given in the note.

    The crowd shouted at Yahr and pelted him with rotten fruit. The road wardens escorted him to the Bree jail. Finally, the Ice Wine festival began! The band played a wonderful song called “Ice Wine” and pipe-weed was shared in abundance. Barrelrider won the top prize of 1,500 Turbine Points for being the first investigator to correctly solve the mystery. Congratulations, Barrelrider!

    Click here for more screenshots of the event.

    Would you like to host this solve-a-mystery party on your own server? Kiralynn has put together a document with the complete script, along with a how-to guide for hosting the event. Click here to download the “Secret of the Cold Spirits”.

    Many thanks to our fine actors – Yahr (Byrcha), Prudy (Lilikate), Lhutha (Lhinnthel), Nimyl (Tearna), Veriek (Rimbli), Eliwren (Kaerri), Lindorieh (Laerlenn), Bittercress, and Esyae. Special thanks to our bands, Die Meisterbarden von Bree and the Remediators. Sincere thanks to Sapience of Turbine for providing the Turbine Point prizes.

    Funniest moment from the event...

    Yahr: "Oh no, not again!"

    We hope to see you at the Spring Racing Carnival in May!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--



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