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    Apsveicam Krišj?nis

    Grats Hayfora on r12, well earned.

    From one filthy disgusting ezmoder to another - Harry.

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    About time,


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    Behind you
    Grats Thorfie!

    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    Being an expert on Latvian I take a stab in the dark and guess that the title should be "Apsveicam Krišjanis" with little line across "a" (meh LOTRO forum hates unusual letters). I also have a theory that Latvians love to spend their time writing, how else would one explain all those unnecessary letters. I count 10 extra letters that serve absolutely no purpose other than to waste people's time. Maybe you should consider dropping Latin based alphabet and picking up Chinese? So much more lines to draw.

    Earth keeps rotating and Thor keeps ranking. You just can't change some things. Congratulations and keep doing fun things. Maybe one day you'll be as good as Badegg!

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    Gratz. That's a lot of game play. Unless of coarse your killing stuff solo. Thanks for always playing hard, pushing the attack and using those hips just not to escape and run like other burgs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acmereaver View Post
    using those hips just not to escape and run like other burgs.
    Here here!!! Gratz Hayfora, A Burg to be feared and pushes until someone goes down most of the time.. Other than Terom who also Pushes like a madman until someone dies, nice to see some fearless burgs out there.
    Big ups to Hayfora and Terom.
    Sending gratz now for both since I rarely post and thanks for sticking with Crick even though we see most leaving.

    The ultimate creep
    Mikeljaksun Rank12 WarLeader

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    Gratz Thorf..well deserved.
    R12 spider Gosmith,R12 guard Gosmithh

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    HAYOUT you got it and i still 200k ahaha grats partner miss that
    Crickhollow - Scratzod r6 Champ - Scratzw r7 Burg - / Healpot r7 Defiler
    Brandywine - Pinha r8 Spider - Litleponey r9 Reaver / Qris-1 r11 miniEzmode

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    Grats Thor been an Awesome teahcer well deserved!

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    Has been a lot of interesting fights, thanks to all that were kind enough to die

    Lotro PVP Videos l Thorfinn || r14 champ, r12 burglar- Crickhollow || r11//r9 warg Crick//Elendilmir || + other stuff

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    omg how did I miss this thread! (oh, wait, b/c i don't check forums unless someone tells me there's something i should reply to... so... i blame Harry!! and Terom!!)

    Grats Hayfora, my fav burgy <3 You will beat me to r13, I know it ^^; Great to see someone who actually deserves the rank to rank
    Always love grouping with you, and (when you aren't cranky and will let me ^^) love the challenge to keep you alive.

    Two thumbs up for an extraordinary player, teacher, and a person.

    Farrielle R13 Captain (BW), Archaniel R8 Hunter (CH), Farrial R8 Minstrel (CH)
    Farrball R9 Stalker (CH), Kumosan R8 Weaver (CH), Vapour R6 Reaver (CH)

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    Gratz Thor, onward to 13!
    Officer, Swords of Light- Crickhollow
    Breglagor- R6 Champion | Bandros- R7 Burglar
    Field Master, Swords of Darkness- Crickhollow
    Haslug- R7 Warleader | Fathalleb- R7 Weaver

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    Gratz Thor. Better late than never although was close to never considering how much I look at the these things.



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