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    Helm's Dike Solo/Duo - The hell is this?

    So, having just bought HD a few days ago, I decided to try out one of the BBs. Naturally, the
    first one, Helm's Dike. I figured I could do it myself after some reading, so no worries. However,
    I didn't realize that either the scaling sucks terribly, or solo just isn't a good idea. Yes, I was
    told that duo is the way to go, but my wife doesn't own HD, and likely never will after listening
    to me scream at the game for over an hour trying to do this BB twice.

    Sure, damage was nice (not really, my wife's level 55 minstrel hits harder than my scaled level
    95 minstrel, at least on crits) and it was fun.. at first. Then came the side quests.

    Protect the Horses: Failed. Couldn't kill orcs quick enough. Healed horses, but either morale never
    increased or there just wasn't enough to overcome incoming damage.

    Guarding the Watchtower: Failed. Couldn't kill mobs quick enough. Tried disarming casks, still

    Flames at the Gate: Failed. Can't kill uruks before archers die. Can't place catapult, no points
    available to me. Can't put out fires quick enough, and then archers have no arrows anyway.

    Helm's Dike: Failed. Uruks killed the archers and rushed Gamling while I pelted them with 600,
    1200, and 1700 damage skills. GG.

    On the second go round, I still failed all 3 side quests (same 3, actually), but managed to keep
    everything off of Gamling long enough to "win". 5.5k xp (level 39) and 8 points/1 Promo point.
    Then I see that I need 60 points to get to where I can use cats? I see now that I only
    need 20 points to be able to use barricades, but that's still 19 points off.

    So please, someone tell me just how I'm supposed to do these battles. If it involves struggling
    my way through it until I scrape together enough points to actually get the necessary ranks,
    then screw it. I'll just not do the epic quests or these annoying battles at all. I want to finish
    the epic line, but not at the cost of what pleasure I take out of the game.

    Clarification: Did this on a level 39 minstrel with poor gear under the assumption that it wouldn't
    matter due to scaling. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    Edit: The reward points you get for completing the BBs. Are those earned just the one time? As
    stated above, I earned 8 points, so I'm at 8/20 for my first reward bar. If I complete it again, with
    the exact same medals earned (read: bronze for main, none for side), do I earn an additional 3
    points? Or do I have to do better in order to earn more points?
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